Saturday, January 24, 2015

How Dare You Judge Women and Their Tattoos!

Let’s get this out front: I hate tattoos on women AND men, but I sometimes find myself mildly torn when it comes to hot women with expensive, multi-color, themed tattoos like full sleeves of an ocean scene or something artistic like that. I even get a bit turned on when I see pics of women with full back tats, even ones that go on the boobs and the butt and even into the butthole. I even kinda sometimes like seeing well-done ink just above their vaginas. Are these women slutty? Totally! Are they trashy? Yep! Are they attention whores? Fo sho! And these sluts are 100% “taken,” too, because those ink jobs are very, very expensive and no woman can afford that on their own, so they have to have a sugardaddy taking care of them hand and foot to get said tats, so forget trying to hook up with them, no matter how whorish they are…and they are. Very.

In every opinion poll taken, the majority of men do NOT like tattoos on women, yet the majority of women are now splattered with body graffiti. In fact, in an extensive survey taken just a couple of years ago, 61% of American women have them while only 41% of men do. I imagine the number for women has grown several points since then but probably has flatlined for men. Here in the Leesburg/Sleazeburg/Diseaseburg area, it’s been estimated by the good guys here that well over 90% of women 15 to 35 (yes, 15), have body graffiti. Loads and loads of horrible, smeary, cheap green tats on every visible part of their skanky, used-up bodies. I’ve personally been around thousands of girls and women in this age group here over the past decade, and I can literally count on one hand the number of local cum dumpsters who didn’t have ink splattered on them.

I just happened to Google Image Search “stupid tattoos” for my weekly dose of dumb people, and I came across a pic of not a female, but a male, with a horrid tat. A neck tat, the new full-trash fad that says, “LOOK AT ME!! I’M A SCUMBAG!” Observe:

First off, I’ve never understood the “take and post a pic immediately after I get tatted-up” mentality. It’s still horribly red and inflamed; why not wait until the swelling goes down? I guess it’s just the kind of lowlifes who do this to themselves in the first place.

Anyway, the link took me to Pinterest. Gah, what a useless website that is! Utterly useless. For those who actually don't know what Pinterest is, it’s just a site for women and weenified men who “pin” photos of what they like. For the women (and the Mangina Enablers who follow these women, hoping to somehow fall in their good graces by kissing their asses and pretending they actually like this nonsense), it’s always the same pins: bad boys, pregnancies, kids, weddings (in that chronological order), tattoos and ear stretching. Jeebus! And this is an entire gender’s interests? Yep, sadly so. There were several comments on this tattoo meme, all of them blasting this guy and the quickly growing number of young people who mutilate their bodies like this. Then, came a comment from Kelsey, your stereotypical morally bankrupt, left-wing, heavily tatted-up, body-pierced, welfare single mom…and we MGTOW’ers know how young single moms are, don't we? Here’s Kelsey in all her wisdom and maturity, caused by intelligence and so many, many years of life experiences:

Yeeeeeahhh…about that, missy. No judgment of any tattoos ever?

None, dear? Nobody should have a right to judge that shit? Or a swastika on the face? KKK on the neck? An arm tattoo of a huge penis with “I like little boys” on it shooting out jizz? How about if we MGTOW’ers put “women suck” on our necks? Yes, hun, we have every right to “judge” disgusting, vile, grotesque and blatantly offensive body graffiti. I love it when people call out women regarding butt-awful tattoos and women go on the defensive. They get their French pedicured toes stepped on and they come out of the woodwork anytime their acts are criticized, even minorly.

Roosh wrote a scathing essay about tattooed women recently, only to be viciously trolled, doxed and even had his life threatened by hundreds of angry, tatted-up feminists who got their marching orders via tattoo Facebook and Twitter profiles and pages to invade the blog post with profane, vulgar comments, typical of today’s women. The Militant Atheist Brigade™ works in the same way, scrolling through YouTube comments all day, every day, just to find any comment with even so much as the word "God" in it so they can launch their rote diatribes, demanding that people not believe in something just because atheists don't. The Tatted-up Women's Corps™ has taken a page from their close atheist friends (usually one in the same), and are scouring the Internet, commenting on anything negative regarding their beloved fad.

These women usually say the same three things: “How fucking dare you fucking judge! You’re so fucking close-minded! That’s fucking discrimination!” Ha! Sorry, girlies. Number 1: We have every right to judge what most American men with an educational level past 10th grade deem sleazy behavior. Number 2: If having class, dignity, and self-respect somehow now indicates close-mindedness, then label my mind closed shut with a lock on it. Number 3: Discrimination is applied to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or handicap, i.e. things that you cannot change, things that you are either born with or have had occur to you unintentionally. Getting the name of a random douchebag you banged tattooed on your chest is a choice you made, and disparagement of it isn’t “discrimination” in any way, shape, matter or form. Sorry to say, but your actions have consequences, something very true that today's American women refuse to acknowledge or believe.