Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why I Am MGTOW and Why You Should Be, Too

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is becoming quite a phenomenon, a trend. It’s not necessarily a movement because it’s regrettably so disorganized, and it’s not a movement like third-wave feminism is because feminists do exactly the same thing, think exactly the same way, and believe exactly the same thing. No individuality, no free thinking, just a collective hatred of good men. With MGTOW, it’s substantially different. Men, young and old, of all races and socio-economic backgrounds, have joined the “group” of sorts for varying reasons, and that’s a great thing!

It seems from a cursory glance that some MGTOW’ers are in their 40s or early 50s, bitterly divorced, and are—or at least were—filthy rich. Must be nice. They loved to flaunt their riches, their cars, their boats, their houses, and as a result, they naturally had whores gravitate to them. The guys married them and as always, the whores got bored with their husband and divorced him, taking with her half of his wealth. These guys still love to talk on men’s websites (like Roosh and Return of Kings) about how much they still have and how they easily rack up $300,000 a year (in a nation where most men can barely make $30,000 now, myself included), but are vocally bitter and angry because these dudes finally realized that women used them for all the money they loved to flaunt. No shit, Sherlock! It took all these years—and sometimes two to three divorces—to realize that?

Well, I’m not one of those. At all. I’m 34, short, fat and bald. I’m Working Class, more like Working Poor. I have a full-time job and a quite decent car and a little money in the bank and some basic possessions and…that’s about it. I don’t have lots of money; almost all my paychecks go to paying down college and credit card debts. I don’t have a yacht. I don’t have vacation condos in St. Lucia and Barbados. I don’t have a 6’3”, 220-pound ripped frame with an 11-inch dick. Naturally as a result, I’ve never, ever had females looking at me or even glancing at me, wanting me, talking to me, wanting to hook up with me, banging me. Except for a couple of medium-to-long-term girlfriends and a smattering of dates here and there, I’ve been completely off the dating grid because of the aforementioned inadequacies.

But…I’m still MGTOW, and have been since late last year.

Some of the arrogant guys on these men’s forums would smirk at me and say, “Why even bother? Nobody wants you. You don’t have any ‘game.’ You aren’t being pursued by women like we all are, so you’re not even on the market.” Keep in mind that many of these same cats are now spending every night playing video games in front of their computer, so they have little room to bash unattractive, poor men for being “losers.”

I don’t have to be tall and thin and good-looking and have money to “go my own way.” And neither do any of you guys out there who are reading this and think that MGTOW is just for bitter, middle-aged, upper-middle-class divorcees who still like to brag about how great their “game” is. Though there seem to be some in the Manosphere like that, MGTOW takes on the form of countless types of guys, and that’s the way it should be. I’ve seen YouTube comments from men in the United States and Canada as young as 19 or 20 stating that they are through with North American women and have no desire to chase them. I’ve watched videos from black men discussing when and why they took the Red Pill. This is for any man, of any age, any race, any nationality, who see—either first-hand or through friends, acquaintances and the Manosphere—how the overwhelming majority of young women are in the West.

In this blog post, I won’t go into detail about my first-hand experiences that drove me to give up chasing women who have always ignored me in the first place, as well as the first-hand experiences with girlfriends and Friends with Benefits that left me hurt and stunned. That’s for another time. I am MGTOW because of those experiences and because of 3rd-wave feminism and how an entire gender of two full generations (X and Y) have become as a result: selfish, vulgar, angry, liberal, godless, slutty, morally bankrupt, and tasteless. Not to mention their ridiculously high demands of men they bang when the women themselves are scum and have no room to judge men for our physical faults.

Guys, join MGTOW. Take the Red Pill. Don’t be Manginas. Don’t be Orbiters. Don’t be White Knights. Join MGTOW to find out what all this is and more! It will open your eyes and mind to reality; at first it’s brutal and depressing, but soon you see that so many other men are in the same position that you are in and it becomes quite empowering. It’s like a veil is lifted and you can see young women for how they really are nowadays. Once you take the Red Pill, you will not have a desire to chase skirts (or even yoga pants or tight jeans), to beg and plead and make fools of yourselves just for the ever-so-slight possibility of getting laid. Fall away from the rigged, brutal and almost entirely unsuccessful dating game and do something else with your time, like hang out with other men who have left the dating scene…or just sit home and masturbate to porn every night. It works, trust me. Don’t lower yourself by giving in to the wants of today’s feminist-controlled women. Start reading websites like or Return of Kings, and look up great YouTubers like Sandman and Raging Golden Eagle and Rang3r34 with his “Stan the MGTOW Man” series. From there, you will find countless other videos from great MGTOW’ers, filled with hundreds of Likes and comments. Join the crowd, guys. There’s always room in this growing movement. I’m upset at myself for waiting so long to finally walk away from American women, and you will look back at all those years you spent trying to get girls and say, “What a waste of my time!” Trust me.