Monday, April 6, 2015

Ugh, Teen Moms!

We keep hearing the liberal media talk about how teen pregnancies are down, way down. In fact, the media claims that teen pregnancy in the United States is the lowest since data for that subject began being tallied over 70 years ago.


These are just some of hundreds upon hundreds of pictures online in the past decade of proud teen moms and teen-moms-to-be. Here in the Sleazeburg/Diseaseburg area, I see little girls like this every single day. Evidently, the aforementioned statistics must not include Lake and Marion Counties in Florida! Leesburg High School produces more teen moms per capita than any local high school in the area COMBINED, even worse than South Sumter High School in Bushnell, which has a horrific teen pregnancy rate; SSHS must be a close second. Granted, many of those teen pregnancies at LHS are black and Hispanic girls, and we all know what a lost cause those two races are in that regard. But many of the LHS girls who get knocked up are white, and they can’t wait to squirt out their out-of-wedlock babies, get on seemingly permanent full-out welfare, and work part-time minimum-wage jobs, going from job to job because they can’t keep steady work…if they ever work at all.

I know one such redneck girl named Kelly who went to Leesburg High School. Like most of the few LHS girls who actually didn’t get knocked up during high school, she got knocked up immediately after graduation, which was a few years ago. Then she squirted out another illegitimate baby right after that. Amazingly, the “baby daddies” are white, as the majority of white girls in Sleazeburg get pregnant from black guys. But Kelly goes from one waitressing and hostessing job to another at our local low-end restaurants and sports bars, sponging off taxpayers and of course, not getting married. She’s a sweet girl, but obviously very irresponsible.

I know of another girl I see every week who lives south of Leesburg who also got knocked up immediately after graduating LHS. She was going to go to college, but then again, all girls around here say that and none of them ever, ever do. This girl has light brown skin, tall and thin, and was pretty hot. In fact, I got a hold of two nude pictures of her when she turned 18, one full frontal and one with her legs spread. I’ve seen everything but her ass, unfortunately. She was so hot, but not only did she get preggers at 18, she is now knocked up with another welfare baby! Two out of wedlock, tax-payer funded babies in two years! She’s now all stretched-out looking and sloppy; that’s what happens when you hit The Wall, and boy, has she hit The Wall early! Way too early! Barely an adult and already gone.

I—and most good guys I know—believe that one of the biggest scourges in America today is the epidemic of not only teenage pregnancies but very young adult women having babies outside the moral bonds of marriage and not having a good father present. I can think of not much of anything more repugnant than a single young mom. One day I’ll blog about that, seeing I have loads of first-hand experience around here, as well as with an ex-girlfriend who couldn’t wait to get randomly knocked up and be a perpetual single mom. Yuck.