Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Once You Go Black...

So, gentlemen, here in the Ho-cala, Vilewood, Sleazeburg/Diseaseburg area, mudsharking (white women banging black guys) is naturally very, very prevalent. What else would you expect from the White Trash Mecca? <<<<(click the link) In fact, good white guys here are estimating now that up to 60% of the white sluts here are mudsharking aka coal burning. There are so, so many white women around here you will see with mixed race (re: zebra) kids, and almost always no black guy around. Gee, what a surprise. You never see black women with white guys because black women are racist and regrettably refuse to date outside their race, all the while bitching that they “can’t find no man.” Latino women also unfortunately won’t date outside their race, and while many Asian women like white men, there are so few Asian women that are single, and many are not attractive. So that leaves pretty much the only group of people that are die-hard into interracial dating/fucking are white women and the black guys who are banging them…along with other white women and lots of black women on the side, too.

There are plenty of website and blogs out there that go into great detail about the dangerous and often deadly consequences that occur with white women when they decide to spread their legs for thug black guys, so I’m not going to delve into that with this blog. Instead, I’m just going to post a number of “once you go black” meme posters that either I have found over the years on the Internet or those that I made myself. In fact, almost every one of these were created by me. I greatly encourage all of you men to repost these memes everywhere on social media and especially blogs and image uploading sites, and hopefully you will also give credit where credit is due and direct other like-minded guys to my incredible blogs. Enjoy these sad-but-true posters!