Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What’s Left When it Comes to Single Women?

So, men, the latest issue of Lake + Sumter Style Magazine came out, the December 2015 edition. This magazine is a propaganda piece in a futile attempt to showcase some kind of class and art in the area. The only two places where there is even a modicum of such in Lake County are the cities of Mt. Dora (arts town on the eastern edge of Lake County with some wealthy residents) and Clermont (growing city on the southern edge of the county where everything is new and clean and many residents are middle-classers fleeing the garbage heap of Orlando, which is due east of Clermont). Other than that, Lake County is a stinking shithole of scum and the White Trash Mecca, but this magazine tries to find anything decent about the area, and can only find a bit in Mt. Dora and Clermont. Full disclosure: as vile as Lake County is, I like both of these cities a lot, especially Clermont.

Anyway, I picked up Lake & Sumter Style at Wasabi Sushi Bar in Eustis/Mt. Dora because the front cover caught my eye. A mildly attractive woman about my age with the caption, “Singled Out.” Turns out, this magazine conducted a first-ever contest to find the hottest (and most financially successful, it seems) single men and women from the Lake/Sumter County area.

Apparently, a staggering 21,000+ contestants were considered (I bet almost all of them were men), and the magazine nailed it down to a handful of people, all of them blatantly middle-class and career-minded with no working class of any kind; kind of discriminating, but whatev. Every female was at least my age, bare minimum, with most of them well into their 40s, and barely even classified as “OK-looking.” They all had kids aka baggage, meaning they were used-up from previous shack-ups and/or marriages, and some even had engagement rings on their fingers! Umm…OK….sooooo…I guess “eligible singles” in Lake and Sumter means “technically not married right at this moment.” Granted, a couple of the guys also had kids, but the majority did not. That’s all Lake/Sumter Style could find as far as halfway-decent, non-trashy single women out of two entire counties with a combined population of over 330,000: a tiny handful of divorced, Post-Wall women. Wow. Just wow. But I shouldn’t have been surprised. Here’s why. Read on and learn, learn, learn.

You, see, gentlemen, this is something that you need to finally, finally understand if you are single, 18 to 40, and looking for somebody here in North America. You just need to come to terms with this statement of reality, come to grips with it , and the sooner you do, the better off you will be. The Red Pill is hard to swallow, but you need to do it and you’ll see life as it really is and females how they really are. Read this carefully, and then re-read it, and then say it to yourself repeatedly:


Memorize those words of verity, that statement of pure, unadulterated fact, this sentence of unmitigated veracity. I greatly encourage you to search this information online. Google it and YouTube it; you will find hundreds of videos on YT about the shitty predicament men have it now with single women, online dating, etc. Do it right now! Knock yourself out! Just remember to tab this blog and flip back to this tab when you’re ready. So much to see, hear and read, and you men would do wise to wake up to the realization of the situation we find ourselves in. What’s left in terms of young single women is head-shaking, cringe-worthy, even vomit-inducing. Because of the unprecedented super-overabundance of single men my age in the United States, any women that guys would actually want have so many guys to choose from that they ride the Cock Carousel for years, one bad boy right after another, often two or three at a time. So what’s left is even worse than the whores that ride said Cock Carousel. You won’t find any decent, half-way moral single women at the workplace, you won’t find any at college, you won’t find any via mutual friends (seriously, when’s the last time a friend actually knew a single woman for you to date?), you won’t find any at the bars and nightclubs, you won’t find any at the bookstore or grocery store or park, and you sure as hell won’t find any at church!

So where are any non-married women looking for a man? Well, according to some propagandists, they are found online. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! That’s rich! Sadly, many men have fallen for that lie and tried online dating, and, as can be seen on more YouTube videos that one could ever hope (or even want) to binge-watch, they soon learned what a disaster of epic proportions that is. Nothing but fat women, hideously out-of-shape women, used-up, stretched-out, disease-ridden women, loads of hot black women (they are racist and refuse to date outside their race, and they all have kids at 16, so don’t even bother), ridiculously picky women with unrealistic standards for a perfect man, and single moms, single moms, single moms and more single moms. That’s it. Am I missing any?

Look at Plenty of Fish (POF) or OkCupid (OKC), and weep. Weep. Weep bitterly at what little is available. I NEVER have, mind you, but I’ve read and watched enough reviews of those sites to get a grasp of what bad they have to offer. Too depressing to even take a peek. And also remember that any female that looks great is most certainly spam or just a call-girl/hooker/escort. One time I looked at some profiles on, which technically isn’t a dating site per se, but it’s filled with tons of single black women looking for men and whining constantly that they “can’t find no man,” all the while ignoring an entire race of males (Caucasians). But there are a few white women on there, and here’s one “sexy single near me:”

Her caption read, “So what do you have to offer?” WTF? Seriously? Ummmm, let’s see. What do I have to offer? Maybe a house that’s much cleaner than yours? Laundry actually hung up and/or put away? No random junk piled to the ceiling? No old woman just sitting on the couch, leaning over like she’s about to fart? This fatso was a single mom (of course), living in a trailer with family members, and she has the audacity to demand that guys have something to offer her fat, sweaty, sour-smelling, misshapen, broke ass?

Then there are the shallow, narrow-minded, intellectually, morally, and spiritually vapid sluts on Tinder. There are no other females in North America more narcissistic and selfish and egotistical and slutty than all women on that increasingly-notorious and sleazy hook-up site. Here’s one that represents all females on there:

Seriously, you cunt? Nobody under 6’3” is even worth your time? That’s literally 95% of the male population in the United States. Only 5% are worthy of somebody like you just because you think you’re a physically perfect special snowflake? As short as I am, even I am much taller than her. She’s fucking 4’11”!! She barely even comes up to my shoulders; with a guy as tall as she wants, she’d come up to his belly button! But that’s how all women are on those slutty hook-up sites, especially Tinder. So unless you’re very tall and have a massive dick, you might as well not even try that site, and as I explained about these other free online dating sites, they are a huge waste of time, effort, and you will get nothing good from them. Nothing. Just lots of depression and frustration; I haven’t tried it, but I know guys who have, and their testimonies, along with loads I’ve seen on YouTube and Return of Kings, compel me to stay far away from online dating.

And since you’re not going to find any decent women in real life, why even try anymore, dudes? Just join MGTOW and be done with the fruitless, failing, dating scene. It’s not working for any good guy anymore; it used to work for all good guys no matter how they looked, but not now. And it seems like it never will again. All the good-looking, educated, childless bitches are slutting around and riding the Cock Carousel, and now even the ugly, fat bitches with baggage have so many thirsty, desperate manginas and simps begging for them online and in real life that you have to take a number just to say hello to them. No, thanks. Not for me, and hopefully, not for you guys, either. Ditch the dating effort and go MGTOW!