Thursday, January 21, 2016

Opening Eyes, One at a Time

So, gentlemen and guys and dudes, the title of my entire Blogspot is “Life in a White Trash Mecca.” For the unfortunate souls who have not read it, this highlighted link is the reason why it is called that. I have spoken about the area (Leesburg, Florida, and environs) in some detail in other blog posts, but the linked one is sort of the anchor blog that sets everything into motion regarding my entire Blogger page. Well, it seems like more people are starting to wake up to the realization of this truly being the White Trash Mecca! Slowly but surely, one step at a time.

First stop is Urban Dictionary. Ah, UD! The place where I learned all the intricacies of Truffle Butter, the Blumpkin, the Dirty Sanchez, the Filthy Gomez, the Cleveland Steamer (not to be confused with the Cincinnati Steamer), and the worst offender of all, the Alabama Hot Pocket. Whooooaaaa!! Well, a quick perusal of UD has this amazing gem:

This was from 2010, and things have only gotten worse at Leesburg High School. I would say that the statistics given are much higher now than just half of the kids there at LHS. I would estimate up to 90% or more are like that, and that's not just me exaggerating, guys. And it is so true about parents, as they were all teen moms, just like their daughters all are now. Here’s another one about Diseaseburg:

Well, well, well. Almost exactly what I’ve been saying about Sleazeburg for over a year on Life in a White Trash Mecca, and check out the date: ten years ago, 2006! Nice! Clicked on the link for Sumter County (where I live, which is right next to Lake County and Diseaseburg), and here’s the definition, also from the same day and year as the Leesburg def:

Tru dat! Tru dat to infinity! Couldn’t agree more, and both definitions has loads of thumbs ups, too; lots of thumbs down, but more agreeing then disagreeing. So this has been spoken about in glaring detail a full decade ago on Urban Dictionary, but never, ever in blogs or vlogs, unfortunately, until I came along to get it out in the open.

Next comes two reviews on of local restaurants. One is Pasta Faire Italian Restaurant in Belleview and the other is Clawdaddy’s Sports Bar in Crystal River. First off is Pasta Faire, and a reviewer before this one named Ted mentioned the young female staff and their “mating habits,” meaning the girls are lethargic from fucking their tall bad boys the night before, so this review refers a bit to that:

And here’s the one for Clawdaddy’s:

Classy! Now, I love me some nipple and pussy piercings on women more than anything else, but I’ll be damned if I want to hear a bunch of local sluts loudly talking about it next to my dinner table. Screw that shit! But again, this is indicative of all the local women here. They have absolutely no class about themselves, completely devoid of professionalism and self-respect.

Also, here’s a comment from some teens in Sleazeburg on Facebook, via a cute blonde girl I once had on my FB but she deleted me; story of my life with girls I wanna bang, but she still comes up to me weekly and gives me big hugs, so it’s better than nothing. The girl evidently was tagged on this post (she comes from an incredibly trashy, dysfunctional, stereotypical Lake County family), so that’s why it was on her FB profile as the kid targeted was I guess trying to extract sympathy from the girl I know:

Nice! And major kudos to the boy who called this random Leesburg High School girl out on her being trailer trash. Many males in the area are becoming increasingly disgusted at how all the females are here, and it’s not just those my age, as evidenced by the teen boy above on Facebook, as well as the next evidence of an awakening. Here is a young man, a pal of mine on Instagram who I worked with for a brief time, who just turned 19 and was teased and led on by a fairly-hot girl (with stupid homemade tats on her hands that look like they were done by a 12-year-old). The girl was naturally a slut and didn’t want a good guy, so he and I got into a conversation about all the girls and women of the area:

Good for him! Guys are learning about how women are and how the entire area is, and they are learning younger and younger. Hopefully, with guidance from great guys like me, they will join MGTOW. A slim chance, but there’s always a glimmer of hope that perhaps a seed of truth and MGTOW will be planted in these young guy’s hearts and minds. By the way, aside from Sleazeburg and Diseaseburg, as you saw in that screenshot, I now use Teaseburg because of how all the women lead good guys on incessantly but never put out…until you’re a toothless methhead or a black guy with a foot long dick.

So that’s just a snippet of what’s been going on here in the White Trash Mecca, and apparently, it’s been building for ten full years now. Only nobody bothered to write more about it until my blog came along. But if it can positively change and influence just a few men in this area, my work has been worth it. Please recommend this blog and my entire blog page. I’d love for you all to give it a +1 on Google+ and a re-share.