Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Little Advice for Single Guys 18 to 40

Gentlemen, if you’re reading my blogs (and I really hope you are), then you hopefully are a single man aged 18 to 40 or you at least know a lot of single men 18 to 40. Who doesn’t know single men my age or younger? Heck, you can’t walk down the street nowadays without bumping into at least a few within a couple of blocks, and the larger the city, the more you’ll bump into on said city block. At 35 years old, I’ve seen, heard and read quite a lot about the plight of the single man in North America and western parts of Europe, so I give to you some segments of advice, the kind of tips and instruction and information that you might not otherwise hear or read about. You’re not going to see this kind of stuff on GQ or Esquire! You won’t even see this on Return of Kings, as good as half those articles on ROK may be (the other half now are just Trump-loving and “Game” brag & boast blogs). So here are a few points I’d really like you guys to ponder on seriously. These points are mainly for U.S. and Canadian men my age or younger or a bit older; not at all to belittle the plight of males in other nations and continents that are reading this (and I know I have many, many readers from South America, Australia and Europe that I am thankful for), but this is first-hand experience and knowledge I know living here in North America.

These words of wisdom are also meant for regular guys like me, Average Joes, so to speak. If you’re a 400-pound guy wearing a trilby hat (a fake fedora), watching anime and playing video games all day, then this isn’t for you. At all.

If by "swag," you mean an upcoming massive heart attack, then yes.  Yes, you do.

Losers: Assemble!

In fact, this entire blog page of mine isn’t for you guys. Sorry about your Asperger’s. This is just for the regular, run-of-the-mill guys who can’t find anybody, whether it be because of the incredible lack of women now, the hypergamy and ultra-feminism of today’s females, or that you aren’t deemed attractive enough for today’s uber-hypergamous women and their ridiculously high standards…or a combination of two of those, or in my case, all three. So with that said, read on!

1. There are many, many men like you who can’t find somebody!

I know sometimes it seems that you’re the only guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend, the only guy who isn’t getting laid. You always heard about all the bullies and jocks (same difference) in high school banging all the slutty cheerleaders. Heck, you even heard about the tuba girl in the marching band getting it on with the leader of the AV Club! In college, every douchebag frat boy was fucking every single sorority slut. Yet there you were, Forever Alone, and you thought that everybody was with somebody. WRONG!! There are loads and loads of white and Asian men our age who go day after day, week after week, month after month, and yes, even year after year without somebody; I’ve gone 2 ½ years now without sex, not even so much as a BJ. I would say that there are literally hundreds of thousands of men in the 20s and 30s and a bit younger and older in North America who are in the same boat as you and I are. Many in MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) believe in the “80/20 Rule,” which deems that 80% of the women are having sex with 20% of the men, the Alpha Male badboys. That leaves 80 percent of men fighting over just 20 percent of women; take away the 20% of men who then get those girls, and that leaves a staggering 60% of males in the United States and Canada going without a girl on a regular-to-continuous basis. Yeah, that’s a lot. A LOT. And that’s why you, sir, are not the only guy without a girlfriend.

2. There are absolutely no women who can’t find somebody!

This big blob has hundreds of thirsty men after her.  And you have how many women after you?
No matter how fat, no matter how ugly, no matter how stinky and sloppy and dirty-looking and disease-ridden and revolting a white woman our age is, she can nab a guy, almost any guy, at any time, nowadays. It used to not be like this at all, but it is now. I shall one day blog about why this has happened. But 100% of white, Hispanic and Asian women (black women refuse to date outside their race so they don’t even count)—no matter how low they are on the Sexual Market Value scale—are in constant, overwhelming demand by thirsty, simping males and usually only go less than a full day between boyfriends, if even that. This is how it is here in the White Trash Mecca and from what I’ve heard some guys say, I’m assuming it’s like this nation and even continent-wide.

3. Try to seek out those single men I mentioned in #1.

Some are MGTOW, and out of that group, some choose to drop women like a bad habit and others simply are MGTOW because of not being able to find any woman. Then there are the True Forced Loneliness (TFL) dudes who would be classified as that second part of guys in MGTOW, except that those in TFL constantly whine and moan and complain about being alone. Well, don’t be a TFL dude. Find other guys who, even though they may be single and unwanted, aren’t always crying over it and are just going to go their own way. Try to find these guys and hopefully network and fellowship with them, either online or hopefully in person. Remember, there are possibly hundreds of thousands of them here, so you’re bound to meet men who are like you in many ways. Strength in numbers. Nothing better than being around fellow single guys!

4. There are no single women 18 to 40 that are worth going for anymore.

This ties in to #2. Also, I wrote an excellent blog in which I detail this point a lot, and here it is. Click me! That blog pretty much says it all, but I will just sum up Point #4 by saying to just trust me on this. Trust me.

5. There’s no such thing as a “pity fuck” anymore.

Perhaps there used to be a time when women did that, but not anymore. I tried and tried for years to drop hints and extract sympathy from females, hoping that one of them would think, “Poor guy. He needs a good lay to boost his confidence, and I’m just the gal to do that.” Number of Pity Fucks I got? Zero. Women now have so many males to choose from and with hypergamy, they don’t have to “settle” for guys who aren’t getting any; all they do is sneer at such men and turn their noses. So don’t think for a minute that some damsel will put out for you to make you feel better. It won’t ever happen. Never ever.

6. “Just be yourself” simply doesn’t work nowadays, sorry.

Females always say this bullshit and they don’t really mean it. If they did, then they would appreciate you being yourself and would want to hit the sheets with you. They’re not, are they? I’ll answer that for you: NOPE! “Just be yourself” is a cop-out phrase to get guys off their backs and to try to end the conversation if you’re asking how to get women to notice and like you. Western females are not looking for a great personality and sincerity. In fact, they’re not even looking for a perfect smile. Or stability. Or intelligence. Or talents and abilities. I have all of that and more and can’t nab anyone. They’re only looking for super-tall, super-hot (for today’s nonsensical standards) and usually, super-loaded. If you’re not any of those three, then “being yourself” ain’t gonna cut it, guys. Learn to live with this ounce of verity.

7. (Optional) If you are horny enough, try other genders!

I mentioned in my last blog (it's right here!) that I’m pansexual. I’ll take most women, many male-to-female transgenders, and a few gay or bi men. That way, I can at least broaden my horizons and have more options for sex. Of course, even being pan hasn’t helped me, either. But I’m just saying that if you think that you are in such dire need of getting laid, consider trying trans or gay or bi. Heaven knows there are enough men around, many, many more than the United States could ever want or need. Just throwing out that possibility; if you don’t like it, you can throw it right back. But please do heed and give great attention to the other six points. Go MGTOW!