Thursday, August 4, 2016

I’m all Abuzz about the Babylon Bee!

Many months ago, I posted a well-read blog entitled "Rachel Held Evans, Episcopalians, and Millennials. Oh, my!". It dealt with how the Left and Cultural Marxists have overtaken segments of Christianity, particularly Mainline Protestant denominations like most Methodists, some Presbyterians and all Episcopalians. Well, now, finally, there is an awesome website that pokes fun of the cultural wars going on in the churches, and it’s written by Christians. And I love it much!

Although I am not really a practicing Christian, I still come from a fairly Evangelical, Christian Conservative background, so I side with those people and agree with much—but not all—of their morals and values and some of their faith. That faith is under constant attack from the liberals, and that vociferous attacking has gotten much worse in the past several years, mostly notably since 2009, when the most anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, far-left Marxist president took office here in the United States. From Christian bakers having their businesses shut down and their lives threatened by countless thousands upon thousands upon thousands of gays and their left-wing (((handlers))) simply for being a bit uncomfortable about catering a gay wedding, to people being thrown in jail for standing for Godly principles to climatologists officially proclaiming that Christians should be imprisoned if they do not bow down and worship the new god of scientists and progressives, the Almighty Climate Change. And this is just what’s happening nationwide in everyday life, not even including online. On people’s internet life, Christians are lashed, bashed, lectured, ridiculed, threatened and doxed simply for having a faith and values system that has been practiced by literally billions of people around worldwide for 2,000 years. Almost all internet articles, comments and forums dealing with faith are decidedly anti-Christian, but there is a glimmer of hope.

One glimmer. And it’s the Babylon Bee!

Think of the brilliant satire news site, The Onion. And now take away all the profanity and the blatant anti-conservative, anti-Christian articles that have permeated The Onion since its inception. There you have The Babylon Bee. It’s being called “The Onion for Christians.” Keep in mind that The Onion is from the Wisconsin/Minnesota area, where there are no Christian Conservatives of any kind, just atheists, liberals/socialists/Marxists and Muslim extremists, so many of the latter now that the FBI has stated that Minneapolis/St. Paul has “an ISIS problem.” (their words, not mine). So naturally, The Onion will have an open slant against anything on the Right. Not the Babylon Bee! Satire for real Christians, by real Christians. Finally! And it’s good. Really good.

The Babylon Bee is the brainchild of Adam Ford aka Adam4d, who writes Christian comics, some I like, some I’m not too crazy about. He and his team of writers—which include submissions by writers who are fans of the site—dish out fake news story after fake news story, some funny, some sad, all satire. Mostly, Adam4d and his writers poke fun at the phony Evangelical Christians: “healing” and “Prosperity Gospel” televangelists and their moronic followers, as well as mega-churches and hypocritical Christian bands and groups. Almost every single story published on their website and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages is dead-on when it comes to their criticism and satire of them, and badly-needed in an age where there is no discernment going on, it seems. The Bee also lets loose on the Mainline Protestants aforementioned, and for good reasons; those pathetic, dying denominations have become an albatross around the necks of any real Evangelical. The Bee exposes them and their Social Justice Warrior stands, as well as their militant pro-gay extremism, pro-abortion, pro-feminism, anti-white, anti-male, unholy political stances. Politically, Babylon Bee makes fun of both major presidential candidates—as well they should—but reserve the most savage articles for Hillary Clinton, again, for good reason.

Because of all of this, those “Progressive Christians” are enraged over the Babylon Bee. All of them are Methodist or Episcopalian, which is no surprise, seeing how unbiblical those Mainline Protestant denominations are nowadays. For some reason, these Social Gospel adherents assumed that this website was going to be about bashing Evangelicals and Christian Conservatives; I suppose since all other religious sites are like that (namely Relevant Magazine and HuffPo Religion), these ex-hippies, hipster Millennials and pseudo-Christians thought they were going to enjoy yet another Internet page aimed at humiliating and scourging those of Godly faith. Well, they sure were wrong! They had another thing coming, and then some! On the Bee’s Facebook page, after any controversial fake article published that “offends” their thin skin and violates their “safe space,” a hoard of the Mainline members say things like, “The Babylon Bee should stop writing about politics! My lesbian, feminist minister is offended and I’m unfollowing!”

K, bye! See ya! Peace! Deuces! Toodles!

For every leftist that stops following the Bee on Facebook, ten good people start following. The FB page has well over 110,000 Likes so far, and it’s only been around for a few months. When it comes to Evangelical Christian pages, that’s a huge number, because most Christian sites can barely get a few thousand Likes after years of being around. The number of Likes and followers is rising significantly every single day on both their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and that’s not even including their main webpage.

So if you like funny and totally spot-on social satire from a decidedly Christian viewpoint, then please check out, Like and follow The Babylon Bee! It’ll pollinate your soul, creating delicious honey for your life, even though sometimes it might sting. Now I’m going to buzz out of here, because I’ve run out of puns. Here are the links to the website and its Facebook counterpart: