Tuesday, June 13, 2017

MGTOW and Being 36

Well, here we are.  Coming to a close of my 36th year of life.  I posted similar blogs a year ago and two years ago, so here are the respective links to those: MGTOW and Being 35 and MGTOW and Being 34.
Hell, I can't even get 36 year-old women to have sex with me, let alone 18!
  Year 36 hasn’t been too much of a year; I’d say it was just average.  I had some outings here and there with my friends (all guys, of course), and took a week-long road trip to the Smoky Mountains, and worked, worked, worked.  I’ve unfortunately gained quite a bit of weight since my October vacation to the mountains, so now I’m short, bald and even fatter than I was.  Oh, well, them’s the breaks. 

  In addition to the weight gain, I had a terrible cold-like virus that kept me ill for weeks in February and March; I couldn’t seem to shake it, the worst virus I’ve ever had.  Then, in the beginning of April, I had a few days of an awful fever that left me feeling terrible again.  A couple of weeks ago, I came down with Bell’s Palsy, albeit a minor case that was barely noticeable to anybody else but me, but I sure had it!  Bell’s Palsy often occurs some time after a lengthy virus and fever, which is exactly what I had.  So for many weeks, I didn’t do anything but go to work and then sit home and try to recover.  That is a major reason why I didn’t blog for months.  Did ya miss me?  Did ya?!

  Finance-wise, I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years!  Still not making much, but I’m saving money and living more frugally.  I paid off a credit card debt, and I’m chipping away at two others I have.  I’m just about to have my car paid off, so that monthly payment will now go to paying off those debts.  So financially, I am doing what so many in the MGTOW movement encourage others to do: get your economic house in order.  This is a good thing, no?

  As far as sex and relationships, well…of course not! 

Three-and-a-half years and counting.

 I’m short, fat and bald, remember?  I’m also living in the White Trash Mecca, filled with lonely single men and trailer park trash single mothers, like these actual women from here:

So much trash in one picture, I can't even.

Stretch marks on her boobs from three babies from three different fathers (black and white), and tattoos of random black and white guys she's fucked.  Welcome to Leesburg, Florida!
  I’m pan-sexual, so I’ll gladly take a male-to-female transgender, and maybe the right gay or bi-sexual guy.  My mind is open for either…as is my mouth and anus.  As far as females, there are a couple of very outside chances I have at work, very outside.  One is a flaky 18 year-old girl who is very sweet but dorky.  The other is a 25-year old fatty from Long Island named Gina.  Because she’s not from here, she doesn’t have any kids and she’s single.  Wow!  I’ve seen pictures of her when Gina was younger, and she was quite a piece of ass, but now she just continues to expand even more than I am.  Recently, I saw her at her desk, eating king-sized candy bar after king-sized candy bar, three in total, all at one sitting!  Good Lord, even I’m not that much of a glutton!  But Gina is shaped fairly well compared to 95% of fat women, who look like this:

Yeah, but even these women gets tons of dates from thirsty men.  Unreal.
  Gina’s not like that at all, so I may try her out.  I’d love to bang her all night, but a relationship? Not a chance! 

Which brings me to the last part.  MGTOW!  Even if I had chances at relationships, there’s no way I would even try one.  Screw that!  I sincerely hope that more and more men read blogs like mine, as well as the loads and loads of YouTube videos and vlogs from those in the #MGTOW movement and heed their sage advice.  I avoid females my age and younger and much as I possibly can, but then again, they’re not beating down the door to get close to me, either.  But I don’t even try anymore, and this past year was no exception.  I don’t even bother.  Years and years and years of rejection and being ignored or sneered at by even the ugliest, fattest, most undesirable females, combined with the surreal lack of decent women here, as well as all the information I’ve gathered in the past couple of years from taking the Red Pill, leaves me not wanting to pursue relationships and even friendships with women 18 to 40.  For men who are interested in Going Their Own Way, I say, “YES!  By all means, yes!  Read my blogs, read other blogs from single men in our dilemma, and watch the YouTube vids.  Immerse yourself in the culture of masculinity and MGTOW.  So there’s a recap of the events of me at 36 years old.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog!