Saturday, May 16, 2015

People of Chiefland, Florida: Beware the Bad Woman Driver!

Gentlemen (and guys), I have to tell you about a tiny incident that I had a week ago involving a good-looking young woman because it deals with women and cars and driving, and how bad they are on the roads. I was coming back from visiting Manatee Springs State Park near the town of Chiefland and was on County Road 320 (NW 115th St or Manatee Springs Road) from the park to the town when some young woman pulled out in front of me in a small red Chevy Aveo almost exactly like this:

She didn’t really cut me off, so I wasn’t miffed, but she drove quite slow and seemed to be preoccupied. I couldn’t pass as there was too much traffic coming from Chiefland, so I had to wait it out until we reached the red light and intersection of State Road 98 at Chiefland. She and I were both making right-hand turns and she waited there through the red light despite there being no traffic coming; here in the United States, a right-hand turn on red is allowed unless there is a sign specifically not allowing it, which isn’t too often. So this girl waited until the light was green…and she waited some more. And waited. Evidently not paying attention or too dumb to understand what a green light means; I’m thinking she was texting her boyfriend of the week, or whatever. OK, I had waited enough. I rarely beep my horn, partially because I am a Southerner by the grace of God and we native Southerners rarely honk because it’s rude; but…mainly though, it’s because my damn horn sounds like it’s from friggen Fisher-Price and it’s embarrassing! So I just yelled at her in my car to go on and I gestured a bit to the road, as in “It’s clear! Go on that road!” I guess my movement in my car finally got this whore’s attention, and she slowly turned right, and then slowly turned into a gas station just to the right of the intersection. Painfully slow and almost in a daze, still evidently texting her dumbass about her new tattoo or her STD or her pregnancy or her gym session or whatever. The red dot is where the bitch decided to idle and idle at a green light:

I finally got around her and accelerated, and as I did, she looked away but stuck her middle finger up to her non-tinted window of her little Chevy car. Seriously, bitch? Seriously? You’re driving like an old lady, then sitting still at a green light, and then taking your sweet little time just to turn, and you flick me off? It’s my fault that you were texting your sex toy or whatever and weren’t paying attention? It’s my fault that I finally had enough of your moronic ass and merely gestured my hand to the road, so you had to gesture your finger? Honestly, I should have pulled into the Burger House that was next to the station she slowly pulled in to, waited for her to come back on Road 98, and closely followed her for a while, possibly as long as I could, until she turned off somewhere else. I’ve done that before, and the obvious fear that you see in the eyes of the woman when she keeps looking back at you in her mirrors is well worth the road rage. I should have done the same to this cunt; her windows were all non-tinted, so I would have been able to see her more clearly. I bet she would really be texting or calling her dumbass boyfriend of the month then! Anyway, we men know what horrendous drivers young women are, and this was yet another incident.