Thursday, June 25, 2015

Guys, Stay Away From Single Moms!

Men, just to preface, I don’t say the things I do just to spew out vitriol and poison. I write these things because of what I see, what I read about, what I personally experience, in life here in the White Trash Mecca. And one thing I—and a growing number of men my age and younger—can totally attest to is this: young single mothers are the scum of the earth and you should NEVER get into a real relationship with them.

I touched on this subject in a well-read blog of mine entitled Captain Save-a-Ho to the Rescue.. It’s about guys who actually pair up with and marry single moms. Ugh! No, no, no! Never, guys, never!

First, here’s some pictures of stereotypical young, unwed mothers:

That’s all I see every day of my life here in the Leesburg/Ocala/Wildwood/Bushnell, Florida area, aka Sleazeburg-Diseaseburg/Hocala/Vilewood/Bushnell. All day, every day, for many years. And I’m sure some of you guys endure the same. Gentlemen, these are the faces (and bodies) of single moms. Are there some mature, respectable single mothers out there doing a great job raising their child/children? Absolutely! But they are so few and so far between that your chances of meeting them are slim to none. I literally know of only one.

Google search terms like “reasons not to date single moms” or “single mothers suck” or “don’t date single mothers” and you get dozens of blogs and websites about these topics. Go on YouTube and you’ll find scores of videos about the same, many with thousands of views and hundreds of thumbs up. The liberal media keeps saying that there are more single, childless young women than ever. BULLSHIT! We men know this is media propaganda as reality does not compute with the words of the press. With all women having out of wedlock kids, many having them (especially here) as young as 16 or 17, that leaves us men with used-up women with baggage who have no clue how to raise kids. No clue at all.

You see, the liberal media wants us to think that young single mothers are all mature, educated, hard-working professionals who just happened to hook up with a guy that seemed to be great but suddenly turned out bad, so the women had no choice but to leave the man and go the single mothers route. Spare me, spare me. We all know that none of this is true, as far from the truth as can be. The evidence we see all around us shows otherwise. Single moms are truly the epitome of rampant immorality and immaturity. They create these matriarchal fiefdoms all backed, paid for and legislated by the government and taxpayers (welfare, WIC, Medicaid, ObamaCare, child support and alimony). Single moms are greedy, narcissistic, shallow, vapid, manipulative teases who are not at all afraid to annihilate and ruin you using the law and are a severe blight on the United States. The kids grow up being just an accessory and a pawn to the mother’s life; she values herself so, so much more than her demon offspring. The cycle then always, always repeats, where the daughters engage in the same slutty, immoral behavior that caused their mothers to be single moms in the first place. The sons become drug-addicted thugs and career criminals. Repeat ad nauseum.

Women who get knocked up by “bad boys” at a young age after riding the “cock carousel” live lives filled with drugs, multiple bad boy sexual partners, STDs, poverty, and lack of education. With full assistance from the federal government in the form of welfare, these whores then live the “single mom life,” always trying to extract sympathy from everybody by plaintively crying, “but I’m a single mom!” No sympathy here. Just utter contempt. Out of the THOUSANDS of not-married mothers I’ve been around in the Lake/Sumter/Marion County area over the years, I can literally count on one hand the number who could be considered even barely halfway-decent women. Some of these other gals have multiple kids from multiple guys; imagine how stretched-out their pussies are! And their children are absolutely horrible and all follow in the footsteps of the whore mother and the bad boy sperm donor. Genes, y’know? The female gender doesn’t seem to comprehend this.

Yet these single mothers still get dates, still get tons of sex from thirsty, desperate men. Don’t be that guy! DON’T! One thing I’ve tried to make clear in my blog is that you men need to have much more self-respect; I had to learn that over the years but now, at 34 years old, I can tell you that I have far too much respect in myself to stoop down to the gutter level that single mothers have intentionally and happily put themselves in to. These bimbos have no self-control, no self-restraint, and are only looking for somebody to take care of them and their crappy kids.

You men might be saying, “But all women have kids nowadays! They’re everywhere! They’re so easy and slutty! I need sex sooooooo badly!” OK, fair enough, if you’re that much of a pathetic pussy beggar, “plate” them all you want, but don’t ever, ever get into a real relationship with them. Use them just as they have used men over and over again, pump and dump. And always wear a condom! Not only because there’s a good chance the women have pus-filled warts on their stretched-out pussies, but there’s also a good chance that she wants you to get her knocked up so she can force you to pay child support for a kid you didn’t want and will never get to even see much of! Happens all the time.

There is nothing good that can come from a young, unwed mother. They are immoral, irresponsible, deceitful, and are one of the very top factors in the moral and spiritual rotting and destruction of the United States. I encourage you to Google those search terms and check out the same things on YouTube as well for much more information. Here’s some more single moms for you, too: