Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Vester Flanagan, Anti-White Racism, and the Liberals

If you live anywhere else other than the U.S., you perhaps have not heard about this story, and if you have, the only thing those internationally (especially those reading the UK Guardian) have been told is, “An innocent, wonderful man of color held an evil, horrible gun and the gun supernaturally forced the innocent, wonderful man to shoot two white people who he said were racist, therefore it’s justified. Why won’t these foolish Americans simply disarm themselves and just allow the always-trustful police and military to have all the guns?” Actually, you would read the same garbage if you read the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, or Salon.

Allow me to tell you the real story of his tragic shooting, shall I? In the morning last week, WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker and her long-time cameraman, Adam Ward—both in their 20s, well-liked and planning to marry other people at the TV station—were interviewing a chamber of commerce official, Vicki Gardner, about a reservoir lake and surrounding tourist attractions in a small town in the western part of Virginia. During the interview, a deranged and sadistic former colleague of theirs, 42-year-old Vester Flanagan (who went by the less dorky name of Bryce Williams during his disastrous, abysmal TV news career), waited in the shadows on a boardwalk where the interview was taking place. Eventually, he stepped out into the light, walked up next to Ward, and began shooting all three individuals over and over and over again with a semi-automatic pistol that he recently bought. Parker, though being shot in the chest, screamed and tried to run away, but was shot even more in the head; Ward was shot in the torso and then the head when he fell to the ground. Gardner was shot once, although three bullets were fired at her. Miss Parker and Mr. Ward were both killed and Mrs. Gardner was badly injured but thankfully will survive. About 17 shots were fired at all three people.

Making all of this so much more terrible was that this entire shooting was broadcast on live TV, with almost 40,000 people watching it occur, hearing the shots, hearing the screams of terror and pain. In addition, Flanagan videoed the entire incident on a head-mounted mini-camera, and then after fleeing the carnage he created, he uploaded the chilling and disturbing video on Twitter and Facebook. Flanagan then fled through Virginia, regularly posting updates on said social media sites until both were shut down by their respective companies. Flanagan also sent out a rambling, 23-page fax to ABC News in New York while on the run. Eventually, a police chase ensued, and the coward Flanagan shot himself in the head, dying later at the hospital. An end to a pathetic person.

Who was this Vester Flanagan? Aside from having a nerdy name, he was raised a Jehovah’s Witness (a freaky cult) by his dysfunctional and abusive mother, and was a “male model” and “male escort” (gay prostitute) after high school. He was black and gay.

He was let go from station after station, and was described by his former colleagues as being “difficult to work with,” among other things. It all reached a head at WDBJ in Roanoke when Flanagan was a reporter there. Alison Parker once simply stated to him that she had a friend who lived on “Cotton Hill Road,” to which Flanagan angrily accused her of being racist toward him because blacks used to pick cotton in the South while slaves. Parker also once mentioned the often-used journalistic term “reporter in the field,” to which Flanagan took offense, saying she was hinting at African slaves in the cotton fields of the antebellum South. Another colleague asked where he was going to “swing by for lunch,” at which time Vester Flanagan said that was a veiled code word for blacks being lynched and hanging on a rope during the Jim Crow era. His constant behavior and his anti-white racism finally culminated with his termination of his job at WDBJ after less than a year there. He went into such a fit of rage that he had to be escorted out by Roanoke Police. After that, he planned to murder people there that he claimed were out to get him. The mass murder of blacks at the AME church in Charleston, South Carolina by militant racist scumbag Dylann Roof apparently drove him over the edge. By the way, he also said that 7/11 was racist because they sold watermelon-flavored Slurpees. Yep, you read that right, and if you don’t think you did, read it again.

This terrible double-homicide aired for all the world to see has little to do with the gun that Vester Flanagan used, regardless of how the pro-disarmament crowd at home and especially abroad have tried to portray it (just look at the comments made by Brits on the DailyMail UK articles about this incident). Indeed, even the strange-haired, emotionless father of Alison Parker has said not one word about the evil man who murdered his lovely, young daughter. Nay, he has only mentioned over and over again that the gun committed the crime and therefore guns must be taken away from all law-abiding citizens…except for him, as he said he is about to buy one himself. Regardless of what Alison’s strange father and also her wall-eyed, ginger, equally emotionless boyfriend (a producer at WDBJ) want to claim about gun control, it was the direct actions of Vester Flanagan who caused this ghastly crime, but all directly and indirectly encouraged by the liberal indoctrination that he had seen, read and heard throughout his adult life.

You see, liberalism/socialism/Cultural Marxism (all one in the same now), constantly engrain in weak-minded people that they are always, always, “victims.” Victims of society, of white people (mostly white men), of straight white people, of white Southerners, of conservatives and Republicans, of white Christians! Blacks are brainwashed to be constant victims, Hispanics are told that they are victims, the LGBT crowd is force-fed the victim spiel, single women are told they are victims, Muslims are somehow victims, welfare slugs are victims. All minorities (except for white Christians, who are definitely the minority now) are labeled as victims by the liberals; it’s the only way Democrats can stay in power, by having a permanent “victim class.” Vester Flanagan fell for it hook, line & sinker like the vast majority of blacks, non-Cuban Hispanics, and the LGBT bunch do. Whites were all racist toward him and used code words and “dog whistles” (something far-left-wingers like Chris Matthews love to term) to cover their latent racism. White men hated him because he was a homo and African-American. White women hated him for…some unknown reason. A victim of whites, a victim of straight people. Being constantly spoon-fed the victimization mantra by the liberals in the media, the government, in high school and especially college, seeped deep into Flanagan’s mind, which was already possibly twisted by growing up a Jehovah’s Witness, a cult that is mostly comprised of ignorant and gullible African-Americans.

All around us, people think they are sufferers of society at large because the left-wingers in this country have told them they are, and that they should rise up against their supposed oppressors. We see this with the hate-filled #blacklivesmatter garbage, begun and stirred up terribly by the race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The liberals in the government and especially the liberal media have been excessively instilling this offense-taking victimhood mentality in our American society for decades now, but it has really blown up huge, huge, HUGE in the past six years or so. They are to blame to cultivating such civil unrest and ultimately—albeit sometimes indirectly—responsible for these unduly enraged maniacs like Flanagan and his ilk. All this anti-white liberalism was partly responsible for two innocent people being brutally murdered on a boardwalk in rural Virginia. As a side note, Vester Flanagan had two cats, but they were not found at his apartment after the murders. His faxed suicide letter claims that he killed them in a forest. Just that alone is enough to infuriate me as I am an animal lover. Here’s hoping he was lying and he just let the cats go free. Lastly, don't lose sight of those murdered, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, victims of black-on-white violence, something that is increasing hugely every month.