Thursday, June 2, 2016

MGTOW and Being 35

Men, a year ago, I posted a blog called MGTOW and Being 34 (click the link and read it). Well, here it is a year later and a year older. At 35 years of age, I’m still the same as I was last year: short, fat, bald, and obviously single. That of course isn’t going to change, or at least the short, bald and single part isn’t going to. I’m just as MGTOW as I was a year ago when I really started taking the Red Pill, as distressing as it was to take it. But as I wrote about in last year’s blog, the Red Pill and MGTOW is still just as strong as it was in ‘15, perhaps even more so as I read more and more online articles from various Manosphere sites and MGTOW YouTube videos, which you guys should all do as well. You really should. It’ll open your eyes and mind to the stark reality of how all Western women are.

In a way, though, it’s not just British, American and Canadian women who are the only bad ones. There are some from other nations and cultures as well, just not as many and not as extensive. Case in point is something that happened to me recently as a good-looking young woman from the Philippines suddenly added me on Facebook. Now, guys, if you’re short, fat and bald, NO female that is even a 1 or 2 will add you on Facebook or Instagram unless it is either just a spammer or some gold-digger just looking for a sugar daddy. Well, the latter is exactly what this woman was. Her name is Leen (she’s changed her alias since) and she has a hot body, one that I would love to lick, suck and fuck from neck to toe. Great ass and decent boobs, for an Asian-esque girl, too, as they usually have flat chests and even flatter asses. But Leen was lean all right, curves and all. For me, she was a 6 or 7, but for most guys, she would probably be considered a 3 or 4. My standards are low and get lower every month. Even a 3 or 4 is still out of my league with North American women and how hot they think they are, so Leen was a real catch for a guy like me.

Anyway, Leen randomly added me on FB and we talked a bit on Messenger here and there and she tried calling me on Messenger twice, but I denied the calls, just saying I was very busy. I knew that she was just trying to get an American husband to bring her overseas so she could get away from her life of low-wage jobs and lack of men (here, it’s a mind-boggling, suffocating overabundance of men but still the low-wage jobs), so I just played it light, Liking and commenting on her hot pictures and we would talk some sexy talk every now and then. Leen had numerous American men on her friend’s list, so I knew that she was just playing the field, trying to nab a sucker to give her money and a life out of a dead-end job on the Philippine Islands. Then, one day, she posted that she was in an “open relationship” (she didn’t understand what that really means, as she commented that she was looking for somebody when somebody asked what she meant), and soon after, she blocked me. Didn’t just unfriend me, she blocked me! All because I didn’t fall for her bait. She wasn’t satisfied with just a friendship. I was nice and we had good talks and all that, but Leen just wanted a sugar daddy. Well, I’m poor, independent and MGTOW, so it sure as hell ain’t gonna be me, you needy Filipina leech! Go find another American sucker, a simp. Speaking of simps, here’s an excellent blog I posted about them: Simps, Simps and More Simps.

So that was the closest thing I’ve had in years to a girl actually possibly wanting me, albeit just to take advantage of me, which shows that it’s even some non-Western females who act like that sometimes, just as many bloggers have reiterated.

Now, I must tell you that over the years of being ignored and mistreated by women, I have become not just bi-sexual, but pansexual, meaning I am sexually attracted to men, women and transgender. I am most attracted to women, followed pretty closely by male-to-female trans (particularly with breast implants but still with male genitalia), and then attracted to only a small number of men, and the ones that I like would not be the kind that I could ever get and I would be just as ignored as I am with the women. Of course, even the manliest, hairiest, grossest-looking transexual around is in such high demand now by fetishists and thirsty men that I stand no chance of ever hooking up with a good-looking one, and so many of them are just as overly picky as gay men, and I wouldn’t be comfortable being around the flamboyant, in-your-face and attention-whoring (and annoying) LGBT way of life, anyway. I honestly love trans women so much that I would want to pursue a full-out relationship with one, not just a casual hook-up. So, I am pansexual, but will never get the opportunity to go beyond being just “pan-curious,” despite badly wanting to be with m2f transgenders and gay men. The way I’ve long looked at it, the more I open my options to sex partners, the more of a chance I would have of getting laid more. Well, that sure as hell hasn’t worked for me, has it?!

However, one and only one major chance to hook up with a great-looking gay man occurred with me a few months ago. Some thin, good-looking 19-year-old college guy in Tampa was looking for men on Instagram and found me and saw that I lived fairly close to his boyfriend, who was also short and bald, and this kid wanted to have a “daddy” on the side, which I was totally for; I’m a strong believer in cheating. He immediately sent me nude photos, and his body and butt and dick were gorgeous! I looked him up extensively online, and he was the real deal, legit. I wanted him badly, and he was actually wanting to come to my house and have sex with me right before he spent the weekend at his bf’s, but it just didn’t work out that night. A few days later on Snapchat, he didn’t like something I did on there and pretty much broke it off with me, but not before wanting to see my penis. Obviously, he was a Size Queen as so, so many gay guys are, so if my dick hadn’t been just barely average, he probably would have still wanted me. So that was the only other close call I had with finally getting some, this time with a man. More and more men in MGTOW are becoming gay, bi, or pan, and all for understandable reasons.

I haven’t gotten laid in 2 ½ years now, and, although I’m still a horndog, I’m not as much as I was before, and not even as much as I was at last year’s blog. I don’t know if my hormones are unfortunately changing as I grow older or if I’m just so tired of today’s women that I don’t even get much sexual attraction to them anymore; I honestly don’t know. I masturbate to porn (usually softcore or just nudity) every night or every other night, but I just don’t have the out-of-control sexual urges anymore. I think some of it just has to do with long being rejected by 100% of the female gender—even the ugly, fat ones—that I’ve just shut down that part of my life and I’m focusing on other things, namely work, friends and working out a bit more. I see men all around me making horrible, devastating decisions when it comes to all these whores, and it makes me even more repulsed at women and relationships. A real man in MGTOW sees females how they really are and stays away from them any time and any way they can, unless it’s just to get some pussy for a bit and then that’s it. I greatly encourage all of you men to do the same. If you’re under 35 and still haven’t taken the Red Pill, you most certainly will by my age. And when you do, you’ll want to be MGTOW. Trust me. I’m 35, and I can’t imagine wanting a female for anything but a semi-regular booty call, and that’s it. I haven’t had semi-regular booty calls since Thanksgiving of ’13, but if given a chance to have it, I would. But that’s it. Hopefully, many of you guys feel the same way.