Tuesday, February 24, 2015

America the Beautiful…Until a Feminist Gets a Hold of It

I love nature. I hike a lot through state parks and forests here in Florida as well as Tennessee and north Georgia when I go on road trips there. I absolutely love the woods, the wildlife, all preserved for humans to take in and enjoy. There’s nothing more peaceful and more awe-inspiring than some of the wondrous national parks and monuments across the United States. Nature unspoiled, untouched…

…until a third-wave feminist get her hands on it.

This, gentlemen, is the “artwork” of Casey Nocket, a stereotypical New York young, attractive female: Self-entitled, spoiled, egotistical, selfish, far-left, and completely talentless. Actually, that seems to describe ALL good-looking single women in the United States and Canada, does it not? Miss Nocket, a third-wave feminist, intellectually vapid attention whore and ardent liberal, decided to take a trip to at least a dozen National Parks…to deface them. Here’s Docket and her physically perfect body climbing all over a very fragile federally protected monument:

Cute. Really cute. How adorable. Docket went from park to park in the West and Southwest, scrawling absolutely abysmal graffiti on anything she could find, mostly ancient boulders overlooking gorgeous views. She went to Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite, Zion, Sequoia, and Joshua Tree National Parks, among a half dozen others. After vandalizing federally protected land, she took pictures and proudly Instagrammed her creation, as well as put them on her page on Tumblr, the ultimate website for the feminists/liberals/atheists/LGBT/hipsters/climate change freaks. She didn’t simply draw a few small designs in pre-school chalk that would be washed away with the next rainfall. Oh, no, no, no. She happily commented on Instagram that she scrawled her drivel in acrylic, meaning it is almost permanent. It will take an incredible amount of heavy-duty cleaning by the Parks Service to even get some of that graffiti off, thousands upon thousands of dollars in equipment and manpower, and even then, much of it may not wear off for a hundred years. The Millennial Generation in fine form! Even worse, her mother openly supported her daughter's crimes on Twitter. It's quite obvious that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Casey Docket is 21 years old, yet her “artwork” looks like something a 7th-grader would draw on college-lined notebook paper while sitting in the middle school library between classes. One-dimensional, uninspired, and pointless. She touts herself as being an “artist,” much like fellow self-entitled feminist Jew York douchette Lena Dunham likes to call herself…since nobody else will, except for Jezebel or MSNBC or Mediate.

Imagine being so conceited, so narcissistic, so delusional, that you vandalize nationally protected vistas of breathtaking nature and beauty, post it on social media for all the world to see, and proclaim it “art” and yourself an “artist.” I could pull down my pants, squat down, and take a big ol’ shit on the ground at your local Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot and call it “performance art,” but that doesn’t make it so. Of course, I would get arrested and charged with a felony or felonies.

Speaking of being arrested and charged with crimes, is Casey Docket?


The Parks Service and Department of the Interior said late last year that they were actively looking into this case, and with overwhelming evidence that she committed these felonies, it should be a slam dunk that Docket is the perpetrator and should be charged. But since she’s a female, good-looking, and a left-wing third-wave feminist, not a damn thing has been done. Nothing. Here it is the end of February and still nothing. Amazing how slanted the justice system is nowadays! Hot liberal babe = free to do anything you want. Oh, and this chick now says that she might start defacing and vandalizing gravestones next in her frantic quest for attention!

Casey Docket is the poster child of female Millennial narcissism, the epitome of selfish, spoiled attention whores who whip out the tired mantra of “I’m a feminist and you’re an evil misogynist if you don’t like what I do!” when they get caught doing something base and banal. Gentlemen, this is what modern-day feminism is, and how the vast majority of American and Canadian young non-married women are. Just remember that when you see these pictures.