Monday, April 27, 2015

Rude, Crude and Socially Unacceptable

OK, so many of you men have certainly heard about the incident involving low-end ESPN reporter babe Britt McHenry and her vicious scream-fest at a towing company worker in the Washington, D.C, metro area. You might not have, and that’s fine and dandy, because I honestly would not have seen or heard a thing about it had I not just turned on AM radio and heard Rush Limbaugh at the very beginning of one of his shows speaking about it at length.

So here’s the gist: Britt, a 28 year-old physically perfect but intellectually vapid blond airhead who works as a reporter for ESPN—basically she just flirts with jocks and most certainly bangs them afterward—left her car overnight in a parking lot of a restaurant/bar, despite signs warning patrons that vehicles left abandoned in the lot are promptly towed away. Yeah, um…something tells me this bitch was wasted and went home with one of the tall, bad boy jocks she “interviews” on a semi-regular basis. It’s quite obvious. So while she was fucking a big *cough black cough* cock, her car gets towed by a notoriously sleazy towing company (aren’t they all?). The next day (or should I say “the morning after?), an enraged Little Miss Congeniality goes to the company to pay to get her car back, and, despite knowing she was on video and audio, decided to go on a verbal rampage. Not against the notoriously sleazy towing company, mind you. No, no, her anger and vitriol was directed at one and only one person: the poor lady at the cash register. McHenry—in between profanities—berated the cashier about everything, from her possible missing teeth to her possible weight problem to her possible lack of post-high school education (McHenry let the world know that she has a “degree,” which she most certainly did not earn) to her possibly living in a trailer. The poison went on and on.

Britt McHenry has huge, white teeth that defy comprehension, a fake smile, and constantly dyed blonde hair. She is the perfect weight, perfect shape, all thanks to personal trainers and expensive gym memberships. She has never truly worked for a living and, according to people who went to both Stetson University (here in central Florida) and Northwestern University (Chicago) with her, was pathetic at her journalism studies and treated almost the entire student body with extreme contempt and arrogance. Miss Britt obviously got the higher education she bragged about simply by being hot and having a delicious-but-still-quite-salty vagina, nothing more. An entire life of arrogant, belittling, condescending behavior toward people who aren’t of her physical caliber. Britt McHenry was raised by her parents to believe whole-heartedly that anyone who does not fit her idea of perfection (basically, everybody, then), is to be looked down upon, sneered at, and verbally humiliated. She got her Master’s Degree in Journalism because she was a hot woman, who get all the perks and are allowed free reign to act toward fellow humans any way they feel at the moment to act. Self-entitled, selfish, egotistical, spoiled brat = Britt McHenry. Pretty on the outside; very, very ugly on the inside.

Now to another young single woman who made the news a year and a half ago, but recent events brings her back to memory. With the guilty verdict and sentencing coming down against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon Bomber co-conspirator, this reminds me of Alicia Ann Lynch, a young whore from Michigan who, inexplicably, decided to dress for an office Halloween party as a severely injured victim of the senseless bombing:

WTF? Who even thinks, “I need a costume. Oh, I know! I’ll dress up as an innocent victim of a horrendous Islamic terrorist act on American soil! This will be soooo funny!”? Hopefully nobody at the office party told her that her get-up was cute and awesome. It was disgusting. Men, women and children killed or maimed, many of them losing limbs, by this act of Muslim terror, and Miss Lynch considers it open season to ridicule the victims. Well, immediately after posting the above photo on social media, she was rightfully and vocally panned by practically the entire U.S. population to the point that Lynch deleted all her social profiles and went into hiding. By the way, her names on the internet were “Shankaskank” and “SomeSkankinMI. ” Amazing how today’s Western women are proud of being called skanks, among other things. And all she ever talks about on her new Twitter account is her raunchy sex life. Nude pictures of Alicia were easily found on Tumblr and shown for all to see. I can’t judge her much on that; I have numerous nudes of me online as well, some of them quite explicit. But some critics went way, way too far: they not only doxed her, but they doxed her parents and threatened to kill them. That’s completely out of line and inexcusable. No reason for that kind of nonsense, even if the parents are to blame for their daughter’s rotten behavior, and I believe they are, just as Britt McHenry’s parents are to blame for hers’ as well. Fortunately, Lynch was fired from her job, so at least there was an ounce of karma served.

Britt McHenry and Alicia Lynch. Here’s two young women whose behavior and demeanor are indicative of today’s 18-30 non-married women in North America: arrogant, condescending, spiteful, vicious, vulgar, profane, self-absorbed, heartless, haughty and self-entitled. Basically rude, crude and socially unacceptable. This, gentlemen, is all attractive women of the Millennial Generation.