Thursday, June 11, 2015

Zach Buob, Crotch Rockets, Road Rage and Young Single Mothers

*Update: My, quite a lot of action on this particular blog, even more than some of my others, which is already a lot. The power of Facebook reposts, eh? I had a douchenozzle try to post a comment, going into a profane rant. Strangely, his comments seemed like he didn’t read this blog in its entirety as he went on a tangent about issues not related to a word I wrote. I guess he must have read the first several lines and then succumbed to ‘Roid Rage; too many squat thrusts at the gym? Internet Tough Guy also said that me calling bikes “crotch rockets” is “just like calling a black person a nigger!”(exclamation his) Using widely-used slang about a two-wheeled vehicle is exactly like calling a human being a demeaning racial slur? Uh, huh. Would you like to tell that to African-Americans who lived through the civil rights movement? Internet Tough Guy—probably upset because he tore his sleeveless Tapped Out shirt—had such crude comments that all he did was reinforce and solidify the popular opinion that many crotch rocket riders are unbearable pricks. I deleted the comment and shrugged, but I should’ve taken a screenshot and posted it on a future blog, especially the cringe-worthy “crotch rocket/black person” comparison. Now, on to the post that has created a slight stir!*

First off, guys, here are two links of blog entries I’ve written about BAD WOMEN DRIVERS and WOMEN WITH LOTS OF TATTOOS, for further reference.

So there’s been a crapload of news online in the past week and a half about the death of Zachary Boub, a U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer who was recently killed on his motorcycle in San Diego after being hit by a car.

I have a couple of “crotch rocket” riders and fans on my Facebook, so they have posted links to this story quite a bit in the past week. Here is one such link from one of my favorite online newspapers, the UK Daily Mail: 

Although there is still more information about this case that hasn’t come out yet but I’m sure will as the investigation and subsequent trial occurs, the gist of the story seems to be this: In San Diego rush-hour traffic, 39-year-old Buob decided to be a stereotypical crotch rocket rider and weave in and out of traffic and speed. No surprise there as most guys who are into those kinds of bikes act like they own the road and are incredibly reckless. He pissed off an already angry young woman, Darla Renee Jackson, who then went into a fit of unbridled fury and succumbed to road rage, tailgating Buob and even trying to sideswipe him! During one of the sideswipe attempts, Buob allegedly kicked Jackson’s car, infuriating her even more to the point that she, well, pretty much ran over him at full speed. Not just getting Buob’s license plate number and then backing off while calling the California Highway Patrol. Nope. Tailgating him relentlessly and then running over him; Buob, a highly-respected, well-liked Navy man of 20 years, was pronounced dead soon after the incident.

Now, first, I have to say this about guys who operate crotch rockets: they are usually insufferable douchebags. They race on busy roads at speeds that defy human comprehension, weaving in and out of traffic, and tailgating anybody who is not going at least 30 miles over the posted speed limit. They are almost always seen with some hot slut on the back, their scantily-clad trophy girlfriends who love their “bad boys,” even if that means a chance that their bad boy will lose control of their motorcycle and send said hot slut careening onto the pavement, ripping off every inch of her very exposed skin and possibly causing her to become paralyzed from the neck down or in a coma for the rest of her life, if she survives at all. Life on the edge for today’s women. Cute.

Go to my beloved Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater, and that’s all you see at night. Kawasaki’s and Suzuki’s tearing up and down the roads and causeways, especially the Courtney Campbell Causeway between Tampa and Clearwater. I have a close friend who lives around there, so I’m down there often. Douchey Puerto Rican guys wearing those goofy Roman Spartan helmets, their hot Puerto Rican girlfriends on the backseat, big butts up in the air as they hold on for dear life while their boyfriends race one another down the Causeway late at night, as tons of young people watch on the side, including lots of girls, "cause it’s like so cool and awesome and the guys are like soooo hot and things and stuff!" Hillsborough County and Pinellas County Sheriff’s Departments do absolutely nothing about these extremely dangerous drag races, by the way. Nothing.

So yes, most crotch rocket enthusiasts are pricks to the Nth degree, some of the most arrogant, bullying, reckless people around. But so far in this case, it does not at all appear that Zach Buob fits the moniker of a bad person. Darla Jackson sure does, though. Boy, does she. Really bad. The 25 year-old woman defines your stereotypical, good-looking North American young woman:

1. Unwed mother at a young age (knocked up around 21) with no father present;

2. Stuck on herself, irresponsible, irrational and immoral;

3. Blatant mental/psychological issues;

4. Splattered from top to bottom with ridiculous, attention-craving tattoos.

Miss Jackson has restraining orders on her from TWO ex-boyfriends because she’s such a psycho case. Former friends (she seems to have no current friends) say that she is nuts and doesn’t think things through and lives a wild party life. She also once had her driver’s license suspended due to “lack of knowledge or skill” of driving a motor vehicle. You know you have to be a horrible driver to have your license taken away for two years due to “lack of knowledge or skill!” She recently uploaded her stupid tattoo pictures on that website (website full of whores splattered with gross body graffiti), but they have since been taken down. She can join the list of crazy psychopathic women with tons of vile tattoos, like Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, Kat Von D, and Christy Mack, among so many others. The list just keeps growing!

In sum, Darla Jackson represents your typical Millennial female and young single mother in every way, except that most women do not intentionally kill people on the roads; they do everything else you can think of, though…except have sex with good guys, of course. Heaven forbid, right, men?