Friday, December 4, 2015

Ugh, Teen Moms! Part 2

Gentlemen, this is sort of a sequel to my earlier post, Ugh, Teen Moms! < (great post; click it!). With teen pregnancies evidently on the rise nationwide—despite the lies to the contrary propagated by the liberal media—we good guys are surrounded by these slutty girls frantically getting knocked up. Here in the White Trash Mecca, teen moms are as prevalent as $5 smeary, green neck tattoos scrawled on the sides of every other male and female over the age of 16. Here’s some more “proud teen moms” for you, with a few of these actually from here in the Sleazeburg/Diseaseburg area:

Cute, isn’t it? So cute, so adorable. Those big bellies might be really hot-looking now, but once their little hellions are squirted out, those bellies will be scrawled all over with stretch marks forever. I saw teen moms all morning today while grocery shopping. First, at Publix in Wildwood at Grand Traverse Plaza at 8:30am. Some ugly white slut with her half-black baby (gee, what a shock). I just posted a blog about mudsharks, and you should really read it here! She had a nice, big ol’ booty, which is why she got knocked up by a black guy in the first place. This girl sure looked miserable, and she also was sporting one of those shitty haircuts that feminists/lesbians/attention whores now have, with half her head shaved. She might be muff diving now, which happens a lot with these stupid girls; they get hooked up with a scumbag lowlife, then wonder why all men are bad (most are not), so they temporarily get with other ugly, fat girls who also are bitter over the bad boys they have gotten. Repeat ad nauseum.

Then, I go to the Winn-Dixie in Okahumpka/South Leesburg around 10am, and I see these two teen girls that I’ve seen a few times around the Sleazeburg area lately. A decent-looking teen girl with an ugly, fat black girl; must also be the same kind of lesbo situation I described so succinctly in the previous paragraph. This black girl is typical of females in Leesburg, Florida: fat, sloppy, crusted-up heels and dirty, yucky feet; I mean, this girl has thighs so big they might be able to have their own ZIP code! My standards have understandably always been low, but even I wouldn’t fuck this slob! And, as usual, the one with the newborn baby is…the good-looking, thin girl, the one that guys would want, but without the kid; somebody I know actually talked to this unwed bimbo a few weeks ago and found that out; once he found out she was the mother, he quickly lost interest in this whore. That morning, they were filling up their shopping cart with food that they get for free with WIC and food stamps and other government benefits given with no strings attached just for being a teen mom. They kept walking (Thunder Thighs was actually waddling, not walking) down every friggen aisle I went down, in my way, so I had no choice but to be near them time after time. And as any real man would do, I ignored them and toward the end of my shopping trip, I rolled my eyes and sneered at them; if you’re a real man, and not a simp or mangina, you need to do the same when you see teen moms and unwed young mothers. No smile, no eye contact, just sneer and eye rolls are what you should always, always give them. Just do this for me, guys. You’ll be glad you did.

If that wasn’t bad enough, yet another white trash bimbo at the Winn-Dixie at the same time! Some very pregnant girl, couldn’t be any older than 16, proudly walking around with her equally-trashy parents; the girl was wearing this way-too-tight, thread-bare shirt, so thin you could see her entire skin underneath. School was in that day, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a drop-out, as Leesburg High School has an incredibly high number of dropouts every year. Here was this preggers teen, stuffing her parents’ cart with junk food. Classy, so much class. Just typical of the Sleazeburg area in every way.

Teen pregnancy = automatic welfare = your tax dollars at work. All girls who get knocked up like this immediately and happily get on more government freebies than I could only imagine being able to have; as a good single man 18 to 35, I get absolutely nothing from the government, even though I badly need it. These trashy tramps get EBT, WIC, Medicaid (ObamaCare), even free daycare when they squirt out these little bastard children (uneducated white women never, ever have abortions that they really, really need to have) and have to work their part-time, minimum-wage job at Burger King or McDonald’s, both places being the headquarters for teen mom workers. Well, that, or Domino’s Pizza, judging by the pic of that one very preggers girl.

But out of this skyrocketing teen preggo epidemic here in the White Trash Mecca of Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties, I’ve noticed an even more disturbing trend: these white girls have no guy present and don’t seem to want a guy present. They intentionally get knocked up to scumbag lowlife guys that they have no intention of ever having any relationship with at all. These sluts just bang the nearest bad boy degenerate they see, get preggers, and that’s it. No calls for the guy to be a real father, no concern that they are raising their illegitimate kids in such a horrendous environment that is sure to lead to their child’s moral and psychological rot. They just use the male for the sperm, have some half-ass sex in their mobile homes or low-rent housing (or in the back of their beat-up, POS cars), and then the guy just walks away like a stud to go smoke some meth or drink some cheap beer whilst getting texts from another Leesburg/Wildwood/Bushnell teen whore, asking for a hook-up so she can get knocked up as well.

You see, all black women have been doing this shit for years now, thanks to the liberal's “Big Daddy Government” giving them freebies in exhange for voting straight Democrat. But rarely have we seen white females get involved in this sleaze…until recently. Now, white girls are young as 14 or 15 are lining up for their “sperm donors,” as the local girls call them. Not going to a sperm clinic, mind you. Nope, their sperm donors involve fucking the latest high school dropout redneck that moved into their trailer park last week. Absolutely no consideration to how their baby is going to grow up, no concern that they are bringing up their bastard baby in the worst possible circumstances that will just cause yet another circle of poverty, no education, and more teen pregnancies. No guilt, no tears, no thought, just unprotected sex to intentionally get knocked up. This is the future of this nation, guys. Think about it. THINK. ABOUT. IT