Monday, December 12, 2016

Single Moms and Memes

Now, gentlemen, I admit that the majority of my blogs involve criticizing young Western females. That’s a given. But there are specialized blogs out there that focus on primarily one or two subjects/topics, and this just happens to be one of them. Heck, there are bloggers that write only about subjects from Japanese Robotech cartoons from the 80s to workplace violence to President Obama’s birth certificate (give it a rest, dude!) to old grocery stores of the past to laptops to lap dogs to lap cats to freaky fetishes like loving black men’s feet (WTF???). So Life in a White Trash Mecca is merely more of a specialized blog page that deals with a few topics, but the main topic usually circles back around to the absolute depravity that is the single young woman. So here, men, is another such post.

As you know, I love me some memes! Here are a few posts I created that feature only memes, and darn good ones, at that:

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Some months ago, I came across what I now consider to be the greatest, most truthful, most dead-on, most creative, most brutally honest internet meme I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen thousands of memes online and created quite a few myself. Here it is, in all its creamy goodness and beauty:

OMG! YES! YES!! A hundred times, yes! #savage Just having Grammar Guy aka Correction Guy or Grammar Correction Guy is going to be a trip, a “hoot,” as you would say in the Upper Midwest, now don’cha know? Whoever created this work of art is 100% dead-on. For years, I thought I was the only one who thought this. It’s everything I’ve always thought of, but never could articulate it, and when I did, it would just come across as “just that short, fat, bald dude” spewing out bitterness. With the words put together with pictures, including my hero, Grammar Correction Guy, it’s a sight to behold. Although I’m not much of a Pinterest fan, I still Pin a few things here and there. This meme was one I have, and I’ve gotten loads of people Favoriting and Repinning it. This picture speaks to many people.

Everything that was written on this pic is 100% true of hundreds of thousands of young, single mothers in North America. In fact, it may even be millions now, for all we know. Yes, the horrors that are occurring in the United States that are caused by these women and their demon offspring are astounding, and getting worse every year as the single mom rate is skyrocketing, and not just with black women, who have long been a lost cause. The rampant immorality and godlessness of young single mothers has helped cause a full breakdown of the family, and with it, a breakdown of our morals, values, godliness, and basic civility that once governed our nation from 1776 to around just a few years ago. While all of this cannot be completely ascribed to said women, they—and the Democratic Party—bear a large portion of the absolute dreadfulness they have created.

Speaking of created, I have known dozens upon dozens of women here in the White Trash Mecca of Lake/Marion/Sumter/Citrus Counties that have done almost every single point on this meme, all in that order. I have seen hundreds more in person and online around here that seem to fit the bill of this meme, although I can’t be for sure on every point. One of these points that doesn’t always ring true is part of #1; most women here in Sleazeburg aren’t drunk when they get randomly knocked up. They intentionally wanted to be pregnant at the ripe ol’ age of 18 (the average age for first pregnancies in the Sleazeburg/Diseaseburg area) to any scumbag low-life they met. They are proud of just having a “sperm donor,” as they all call their Baby Daddies (plural, as they have multiple kids from multiple scumbags). One such female who fits the bill of this awesome yet truthfully sad meme is a hot ex-girlfriend of mine, who I will just call “Ho-cala Girl.”

I made this years ago.  Feel free to pass it the STDs the women here have!
After dumping me, then immediately riding the Cock Carousel and then getting and spreading around an STD for a while, Ho-cala Girl, at 20 years old, poor and no education, decided to do what all poor, uneducated women do at that age or usually before: hook up with some random dude and intentionally get knocked up, getting off the birth control she was on since we were together and get preggers by one of the most notoriously scummy and nasty-looking lowlifes in Ocala aka Ho-cala. I mean, fugly and lazy and already knocked up a girl and wouldn’t pay child support. Well, Ho-cala Girl decided this was the perfect guy to be her “sperm donor!” Yes, she nonchalantly referred to him as that. But I don’t at all believe she was drunk when she, ummm…copulated. Most females around here are not when they get knocked up as they do so intentionally as young as they can and with the worst guys they can. So knock off #1. Lets go through the rest:

#2 You fucked a douchebag/loser without protection. Check! Ho-cala Girl intentionally got off birth control but didn’t tell the douchebag/loser, so they started having sex without condoms because he thought she was on the Pill. Nope! She just had to get pregnant as
soon as possible, so that she did.

#3. You got pregnant and refused to have an abortion. Check! Women in the White Trash Mecca won’t have abortions. They think they have to have the out-of-wedlock babies and that abortion is morally wrong. Yet, these sluts think that fucking any random lowlife they come across and riding the Cock Carousel is the perfectly moral and decent thing to do. Just as long as they don’t have an abortion! Heaven forbid!

#4. You pooped out the kid. Check! No father around, no husband, child has the mother’s last name, just like all those black kids born in the ghettos.

#5. You moved in with the broke-ass dad. Actually, it was the other way around. The broke-ass dad moved in with her almost immediately after they started fucking, which was immediately after they met. He was so broke that my uneducated, working-class ex-girlfriend had to foot his bills and give him a place to live. But once Ho-cala Girl got preggers, she kicked him out. She got exactly what she wanted—to quickly get knocked up—so his services weren’t needed anymore. The sperm donation did its job.

#6. You couldn’t stand each others guts, so you broke up with him after six months. They broke up after less than six weeks, not six months. No joke.

#7. You now hate your life and the fact you can’t go out to party anymore. Check!

#8. You tell everyone on Facebook how amazing your life is with your kid (who has an insanely stupid name, such as Nevaeh, Grace, Bentley, or Aidani). Check! Although I’ve only glanced at her FB a few times since Ho-cala Girl squirted out her illegitimate baby, her Feed is filled with pics of her and her kid constantly, as well as how much she just loves her out-of-wedlock child. The other pics are all her trashy-assed tattoos that she splatters all over herself on a regular basis; when we were together, she had none, and I refused to let her get any. And as far as those stupid names? Check! One of those names is her kid. I shit you not.

#9. Your kid is growing up to be as stupid and ill-mannered as you are. Not quite sure, as she’s had no contact with me for years, but seeing that the overwhelming majority of single mothers are horrible parents, and seeing that the overwhelming majority of kids raised by single mothers are horrible kids, I’m going to put that into the “Check!” category.

#10. You are no looking for a rich man to support you and your kid, so you can continue doing nothing and start partying again. Check! Ho-cala Girl is dating up with every guy she bangs, because men in the White Trash Mecca are so desperate and thirsty and there’s nothing decent of any kind for these guys, even good-looking, tall guys. Ho-cala Girl just recently got a college degree (five years later than she would have if she had gone to the University of Florida like she was planning on after high school graduation), a degree paid for by taxpayers, along with all her welfare, WIC and Medicaid/Obamacare. But I can guarantee you that my exgf is dating up just to get a simp, a sucker, to take care of her and her kid. Here’s an excellent blog I wrote about simps: Simps, Simps and More Simps

Whoever made this meme, I would like to congratulate. As in, I would literally like to shake this guy’s hand and talk with him about this issue that he laid bare so well, and I would love to tell him how important this internet picture is to me. So if you guys know this person, direct him to this blog and tell him I am in his debt. I’m sure that many of you men reading this blog can relate to this meme, as well as my own personal story regarding this particular ex-girlfriend of mine. I can guarantee a lot of you guys have seen or heard about this same shit happening not only with exes, but with other females you know. Here in the White Trash Mecca, I see and hear about this constantly with almost every woman around. Please share this meme anywhere you can, guys!