Thursday, January 28, 2016

“Paging Dr. Ramkissoon.”

Last year, I posted two well-read blogs about three separate young women whose behavior as human beings was just repulsive. First, a blog about Casey Dockett, then one about Britt McHenry and Alicia Lynch. Well, there’s yet another American female to show her true colors for all the world to see, and it’s…

Anjali Ramkissoon. Doctor Anjali Ramkissoon. A 30 year-old fourth-year neurology residency student in Miami, just months away from officially getting her license to independently practice medicine here in Florida. As many of you have probably already seen, Dr. Ramkissoon decided to go on a vicious tangent just last week in Miami. Here’s the video, and honestly, it’s hard to watch:

The gist of it is this: Dr. Ramkissoon (of Trinidad and Indian heritige) did some hot girl Miami partying and arranged for an Uber driver to come pick her up. Somebody else had requested an Uber before her and when their cab arrived, Ramkissoon decided to butt in and demand that she be given this ride instead of the one she hailed for. The driver attempted to block her from getting in his car, to which Anjali decided to mock and deride the poor guy, then tried to swing at him and even kneed him in the groin area. When able to break away from the Uber driver, the little diva took his keys and locked herself in his car, and then proceeded to throw out loads of paperwork, receipts, bills, an iPhone, and other personal belongings, all the while mocking the hapless driver as people called the police. Cops arrived, and Ramkissoon suddenly pulled the “poor sweet, innocent girl” to them; amazingly, the Uber driver didn’t press charges, which he really should have.

The whole crazy incident was filmed by the person who originally hailed for an Uber and he uploaded the video to YouTube that very night. Almost instantly, it went viral, very viral, and it caught the attention of all the local news outlets and then various websites nationwide, and—because Ramkisoon’s family is of Indian heritage—it got lots of press in India as well. Dr. Ramkissoon has been placed on temporary leave at her hospital of recidency, and given the incredible amount of negative publicity about her, she will hopefully have a hard time finishing her residency, and when she does, her name is now anathema to future patients, or at least should be.

Let’s delve a bit more into this cerebral nutcase known as Anjali Ramkissoon, shall we? Her father, Bridglal Ramkissoon, is a doctor in Sebring, Florida, and sources say he is just as cold and heartless as the horrible cunt of a daughter he raised. Online reviews of Daddy Bridglal Ramkissoon say he is "sarcastic, condescending, arrogant, flippant, and mocks your concerns rather than address them..." Wow! What a dickhead! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The equally-maligned mother, Patricia Ramkissoon, is one of the heads of nursing at Barry University in Miami, where her horrid daughter got her Bachelor’s Degree.. Anjali had to go to medical school in Grenada, where many medical students have to go from the U.S. when they don’t meet the academic critieria to study here. In other words, she isn’t bright enough for U.S. medical colleges. Her YouTube channel (now since deleted) was filled with white male-bashing and the hashtag #killallmen; she is obviously a militant feminist, racist and a man-hater. Her social networks like Facebook and Instagram were filled with selfies, selfies, selfies, many of them bikini-clad on the beach or in scrubs at the medical center. Any real health care professional will tell you how tacky and unprofessional it is to take “hospital selfies” on duty, especially when you are a friggen doctor! Lots of pics of Ramkissoon and her perfect body but hideous face, like this:

Also, like 100% of young women, she has to have a “tattoo pic:”

Well, at least the sonnet is spelled right!

Just what I want to see from my physician: a fully-visible arm tat with handwriting that will be smeared, faded and unintelligble within a year or so. Just great. Shows this little morally-bankrupt skank doesn’t think things through, as if we didn’t already know that. Here’s two other gems she had for all the world to see until all her profiles temporarily went private:

Hot body, ugly face, evil heart

It's all about her own mind.
Given the entire incident—as well as testimony from people who have had the displeasure of working with her, Anjali Ramkissoon is exactly what she seems to be: a self-centered, egotistical, pampered, selfish, entitled little whore. Aside from her big nose and weird smile, she is physically perfect…and she knows it, given the bikini pics she has posted, some of which look like they are thong bikinis, by the way, which is fairly common in Miami and only in Miami as far as the mainland United States goes. And they are super hot and all women with nice butts should wear thong bikinis. And a nice butt is apparently what she had, an abnormally big booty for a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound woman (as she stated in the video while mocking the Uber driver). The butt is so nice that I would love to stick my tongue so far up her delicious, curry-tasting ass that she wouldn’t need toilet paper. Just sayin’. Just throwing that out there.

Anyway, because of her looks, and because she has a vagina, Dr. Ramkissoon has been allowed to do anything she wants, say anything she wants, and act any way she wants to toward anybody she wants to. Imagine how she would treat patients! She’s obviously never been told “no” about anything, and as a result of all this coddling and ass-kissing (I mean, I’d love to kiss and lick her ass, but…), this 30-year-old woman act like a 3-year-old girl. In fact, it does not appear that she was all that drunk in the video as it is claimed she was; she was quite coherent, just hateful and profane and vulgar and out of lots of young American women are now. Given the fact that she was probably not that intoxicated, this means this is most certainly how she acts on a regular basis toward anybody she deems as below her in her little Hindu/India caste system. Her entire demeanor is exactly how Britt McHenry acted and her selfishness and lack of empathy and decency is exactly how Casey Dockett and Alicia Lynch carried themselves in the two links that I had at the beginning of this blog. Speaking of links, here’s one to a really good article about Ramkissoon that I agree with, 100%. Here it is:

I couldn’t say it any better! Little Spoiled Whore Anjali went on ABC’s Good Morning America, put on her really creepy, half-assed smile, and equally half-assed apologized for her sickening and violent tantrum. She claimed that she was upset because her boyfriend of two years allegedly broke up with her. Yay! Obviously, the douchebag (any guy who gets to bang her would be a douche) couldn’t handle any more of her mentally and psychologically aberrant behavior and got away from her, and just in time! You gotta be a pretty desperate mangina to want to be in a long-term relationship with that crazy bimbo! And Miami’s filled to the brim with them, trust me. As a native Floridian originally from South Florida, I can tell you there's not a decent woman there. In one "apology interview," the bitch also claimed that she was upset that her father was very ill and that he was a "truck driver." Wow, this shows right there what a lying sociopath she is!!

Doctor Anjali Ramkissoon is a spoiled, self-centered, slutty cunt with no idea how to treat people. Your stereotypical young single woman here in the United States and Canada. They are mostly like this to one degree or another, but this one is one of the worst. If she gets her medical license, I really, really hope that people stay far, far away from this bitch.