Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ah, the White Knights! Hilarity ensues!

I have written blogs about Captain Sav-a-Ho’s, and I have written blogs about simps. Both of those inconveniently darkened links will take you to two widely-read and social media-shared blog posts I’ve made about these topics. While I lightly touched on the subject of White Knights in both blogs, I mainly just want to showcase two glaring examples of White Knighting that I recently came across to demonstrate these pathetic excuses for males.

Urban Dictionary terms White Knights as “a male that treats woman as goddesses and does nothing but shower then in compliments on how wonderful and beautiful and special they are.” Yep, that’s pretty much it. Pussy-whipped manginas who protect women who do not at all deserve to be protected, and they do this in hopes that they will score brownie points with not just the females that they are protecting, but any female who sees or hears about the White Knighting. The majority of White Knights can be found online, from countless internet forums to social media outlets from Instagram to Facebook and especially Tumblr and Twitter. Every day in every way, young men take up the challenge of kissing the cellulite-and-stretchmark-ridden asses of Western women. These girls and women are almost always bringing judgment, condemnation, and contempt on themselves by their ribald behavior, and when they are called out on said behavior, these dudes swoop in to twist themselves into pretzels trying to shelter women from any criticism, no matter how deserved the criticism is. They used to just type things like “Leave her alone!” or my favorite, “Leave her alone…or else!” Or else what? Hahahahaha!!

Now these weenies go into details about how evil all men are who do not grovel and kiss the asses of women; they bring out the stereotypical feminist mush and idiocy of “patriarchy” and “misogyny” among other turd-like bunk, then wait on the sidelines with baited breath, hoping the bitch they just stood for will say, “Gasp! Thou protected my wholesomeness and honor and pride! For that, young squire, thou shalt be invited to fornicate with me and thy seed shall be thrust inside me as a token of my unyielding gratititude!” Yeeaaaahhh, can you guess the number of women who have actually done that?

One guess.

Guess. Go ahead.

Did you guess…ZERO??? You would be right!

Yet, these manginas just keep pecking away on their keyboards, whether on their PC or laptop, or their smartphones or Tablets or iPads. Peck, peck, peck. Anytime a whore is criticized for being a whore, here come the White Knights. Peck, peck and more peck. Donning their shining armor, they must defend the non-existent honor of females who have never had honor or dignity in their lives. If they’re lucky—and that’s a big IF—the slut being protected or some random female who reads the comments from the White Knight will say, “Awwwwe, thanks” or “Totes, bae” or some other insincere, throwaway statement and…that’s it.

The general consensus about White Knights is that these losers do this simply because they inexplicably believe that doing so will get them laid, somehow, someway. Never happens, of course, and never will. There is one alternate theory that came about two years ago on Return of Kings by Jeremy Jacobs. Here’s the link, and the title is aptly named An Alternate Theory of White Knights:. Basically, the author theorizes that men who were unfortunately raised by single mothers (ugh!) have been programmed by them to always protect the female gender, no matter how the female gender acts. It’s a brainwashed, Pavlonian Dog-type situation with these guys. Their awful unwed moms told their own sons to hate masculine men and idolize feminist women, any feminist woman, which is now the vast majority of women, apparently. I think there is definitely a contingent of these kinds of White Knights—I really do—but there are still many, many guys who White Knight simply in desperation of getting poon…that they never get, no matter how much of a fool they make themselves out to be.

Now, I bring your attention to two instances of White Knights online, and whether these two wimps did this because of simping for sex or because of how their mothers raised them, is up in the air. No clue. But they are pathetic White Knights regardless.

First, an Instagram photo from a 13-year-old Australian girl named Bonnie-Lou Coffey. She and her older sisters, Ellie-Jean, Holly-Sue and Ruby-Lee, are Aussie surfer chicks who are only moderately good at surfing as well as only moderately attractive, although they are will openly say that they think they are perfect in every way. Like all females on IG, these intellectually vapid blondes post pics just for attention and Likes and followers, nothing more; the Coffey’s basically are the Kardashian’s of Australia. Well, more and more girls Bonnie-Lou’s age and even younger (like even 12 years old!) from Hawaii, California and Australia are starting to wear thong bikinis on the beach, at the pool, and even walking around parks and on the sidewalks, and take loads of IG photos of their bare butts; in fact, their parents sometimes hire adult male photographers to take photos of their daughter’s bethonged ass cheeks, or the parents take the pics themselves and the girls then post them all over IG. Yes, hundreds—possibly thousands—of pre-teen and barely-teen girls running around in public wearing thong bikinis—almost all of them from Hawaii, but some from The Land Down Under and a few some Cali—all with their parents’ full blessing. Now, if I had a daughter that age, I honestly wouldn’t mind her wearing thongs like that around the pool or the beach with her girl friends, but I or she sure as hell ain’t getting some creepy photographer dude taking pics of her ass and posting them all over social media!! I have a fake IG profile of a hot teen girl, so I add these girls and view their pictures as the girls think that I’m a hot girl. It’s all for research, folks! All for research! Ahem…ummm…anyway…*whistles nonchalantly*

Bonnie-Lou posted a very skimpy pic of her in a see-through bikini top recently:

The sisters are all cute, but their voices and accents are soooooooo grating and ugly.

It was fairly risqué for Instagram and very risqué for a 13-year-old girl. Several people—most of them women, believe it or not—commented on the pic that it was a bit too revealing for such a young girl, and then Bonnie’s sister, Ellie, went on a stereotypical liberal woman rampage, one of many in Australia, an entire nation that has been fully enveloped in man-hating feminism:

Oh, so much feminist double-talk! So much left-wing gobbledygook! So many buzz words when sluts get called out for being sluts. All these Coffey girls have probably been fucking since they were 11! Ah, just in time to save the fair Aussie maiden, here comes the White Knight! En garde!

Oh, please! Give me a break, you mangina! Some adult man playing the concerned male who is here to protect the not-so-honorable Coffey Whores. What a friggen pussy! Speaking of pussy, this mangina probably busted a nut when he actually got a crumb of attention from a fellow feminist, thinking it would lead to him getting laid:

That’s all he's going to get! Sorry, wimp, you ain’t getting any from being Mr. Shining Armor. Now, another example, this time on YouTube. Some annoying Hispanic bitch nicknamed “Jotce80” uploaded a video of her Uber driver acting like a really, really angry asshole who does not need to be driving for Uber. But as can be seen in the video, this bitch baits him and prods him and teases him just to get a reaction:

Typical Millennial, typical Democrat, typical minority. Always trying to start shit. Always trying to pick fights. Always trying to make people feel bad for them. Always trying to play the victim. Always trying to find grounds for a lawsuit. This Jotce80 and her annoying Latina accent was a real cunt with her obnoxious passive-aggressive behavior, and the video she posted received an overwhelming majority of Dislikes (16k to 1k) and a massive amount of very negative comments; in fact, about 95% of the comments on her YT video were negative, including numerous comments from fellow women, many of whom called her a "cunt."
With all the people upset at this bitch, here comes the White Knight:

Sheeeeeeesh! Well, this asshat got a reply, and it’s the exact kind of reply every guy should post when the White Knight starts defending the indefensible actions of a bitch:

NICE!! And that’s what you guys need to do. CALL THEM OUT!! Call them out on their White Knighting! Call them what they are, and these guys will slither away, and nobody ever comes to their defense, including the females they are so bound and determined to defend. If I hadn’t been on my fake Instagram profile (again, just researching!), I would have called that weenie out who White Knighted for Bonnie-Lou Coffey. Call White Knights out, guys! If you see it online, respond to it!