Saturday, February 11, 2017

An Open Letter to Christian Single Men 18 to 40

 Dear Christian single men 18 to 40,

  Hello. This is part blog, part open letter, and I’m gearing this almost exclusively to Christian single men in their young adulthood up to their late 30s and early 40s.  So if this is you, please read this with an open mind.  If you know somebody who fits the aforementioned category, I greatly encourage you to send this blog to them as they need to read this.  Seriously, they need to see it. 

  OK, I’ve mentioned a couple of times in previous blogs, I come from an evangelical Christian background, Southern Baptist, to be exact.  Although I’m not particularly religious and haven’t been for about nine years, I still have a great respect for Christians and Christian Conservatives despite the incredible persecution they face daily, whether online or in real life, the former persecution being from the left and being verbal or written, and the latter being mainly from Muslims worldwide and being very physical and brutal.  I’m not some “keyboard atheist;” I’m not writing this letter to bash you and ridicule and belittle you, like all the online atheists/liberals/Marxists do continuously. 

Yeah, I’m not like that.  At all.  I was once one of you, and, even though I’m not so much now, I still empathize and respect and honor your beliefs very much.





I need to convey this to you guys, as politely and respectively as I can.

Single young Christian men…

…it’s…it’s time.  It’s just time.  It’s time for you to drop out of church once and for all.

I mean it.  It’s time to stop going to church for good, and never go back.  Don’t you think it’s high time? 

  Why are you going?  Why are you even bothering??  Is it because your parents are really pushing for you to go?  Is it just because you’re active in various ministries and worship opportunities there?  I know the feeling, as I was very active in the drama group (indeed, the main actor and one of the main writers of our amazing plays and videos) and loved, loved, loved it and lived for it as I love theater.  But secular theater is all godless liberals, and it was great to be around non-godless conservatives and immerse myself in something that I absolutely loved doing and was talented in doing.  So I understand where you are coming from if you like being part of various groups and ministries in church.  But being part of that doesn’t even come close to outweighing the elephant in the room, and that is…

…you’re single.  Very single.  Alone.  Probably rarely or never had somebody.  And it’s not changing one bit for the better, now is it?  Look around you on a Sunday morning.  Who do you see?

1. Old people, some of them so elderly they are weeks away from keeling over;

2. Married couples your age, all of them with children, and all they ever talk about is their friggen kids all the time;

3. Maybe one or two divorced, used-up women with kids, just in church to look for a sugar daddy to take care of them and their demon offspring before they hit the Wall;

4. Single men aged 18 to 40.

That’s it.  Even in mega-churches, that’s all there is.  I mean, we’re talking thousands upon thousands of active members…and no real Christian single females.  Wow.  I went several times to Meadowbrook Church in Ho-cala, I mean, Ocala, because I had a friend who went there.  Big church, yet no singles group.  Just lots of #4 and a couple of #3, along with couples who weren’t married yet, so they got stuck in the “singles’ group.”  I went several times to the uber-huge and vibrant and conservative Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater in the Tampa Bay area with two friends.  Fantastic church, but again, no single women, just a couple of scantily-clad sluts in stripper heels and mini-skirts who obviously were there just to put in some church time; they sure weren’t looking for good guys, because they ignored the pew of all of us.  I emailed the church back in 2011, asking for info on the young singles group; never even got a response, obviously because they don’t even have such a group.  Here’s an excellent YouTube video about the subject from one of the gods of the MGTOW movement, Sandman.  Please listen to him:

 Couldn’t agree more.  Sandman is from Toronto, Canada, but his words still ring true here in the U.S.  No single good-looking female is going to go to church, because they are hot and they think they don’t need God.  That’s why there are no hot babe Christian women, and even those who are somewhat attractive are already married.  You can keep waiting and waiting for some Godly, good-looking maiden to come to your church, plop herself down on the pew next to you, and fall in love, but…it’s not gonna happen!! 

  Back in 2011, an extensive study was published by Stanford University regarding where and how people met their spouses or partners here in the U.S.  The data that was gathered spanned from 1940 to 2010, and here is the telling graph:
    Finding somebody at church was always not that large of a percentage, but now it’s down to literally nothing.  I mean, look at the graph: it’s plummeted to virtually zero!  In fact, almost every way of meeting a spouse/romantic partner has fallen, except for online and restaurants/bars, which have leveled off as of 2010; I imagine now in 2017, those numbers have fallen drastically as well.  Have you ever met a decent female at a bar or restaurant?  I’ve been to dozen upon dozens of them over the past several years and have met or even seen none at all.  And we all know how horrible online dating is.. Click here to view a blog I wrote about what’s left as far as single females are concerned.  So, as you can see, very few people are really meeting anybody anymore, but they sure as heck ain’t meeting them in church!!  If you think that you’re going find somebody at church, the evidence is overwhelmingly not in your favor, both from exhaustive studies and from your personal experience and mine.

  I’ve visited a number of medium-to-large-sized Southern Baptist and Assembly of God churches from Ho-cala to Whorelando to Tampa over the years, and have come up with nothing to show for it in the way of meeting decent women.  And you know it’s the same with you, so stop living in denial.  As Sandman succinctly put it, they’re not there, as they think they don’t need God.  And if they were there, they wouldn’t want you as they would be banging the bad boys outside of church; I’ve known a lot of girls over the years who did that, and you have, too.

   I used to go to a local church and was super-active there for years, and there was a guy there named David who—like most of the young men there—was very single. He was tall, well-built, and slightly attractive, compared to me, who is short, fat, and bald.  He just sat there and kept waiting and waiting for a perfect female to drop from the ceiling and land next to him up in the balcony where he was our light & sound technician.  He had a couple of chances for girls, but he backed out because they weren’t the world’s perfect Christian ladies (hint, guys: there are none anymore).  Waiting and waiting.  Well, David is now past 40, still a virgin, and still sitting there, waiting for a single woman to show up.  Hasn’t happened, and never will happen.  And ditto for you guys as well.
 Back in the day (2003 to 2008, mainly), I hung around over a dozen men around my age here in the north central Florida area who were Christian and single.  Now, the only one I know of who regularly goes to church is poor ol’ David.  Everybody else has left the local churches out of frustration, mainly because of the lack of women and the lack of reasons for them to even remain there.  Why bother going if you’re a third wheel, a leftover, awkwardly sitting there with couples while they incessantly talk about their spouses and kids.  Ugh!  You know full well you don’t belong there anymore, guys.  There’s no place in church for single males our age.  Time to leave.  Start this Sunday.  Seriously, guys.

  Am I saying that you should reject your faith?  No, not at all.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  What I am saying is that there’s no reason or no place for you to be in the houses of worship anymore and it’s only going to get worse as church attendance has been dropping continuously and steadily for over 15 years straight.  Perhaps you and your fellow Christian dudes could just meet in your homes and have your own worship services?  The first Christians did just that…and thrived!  Try it.  Meet at one of your homes or apartments, or even at a picnic table at a park.  Go for it.  Beats sitting in a sanctuary filled with couples and old geezers, listening to a seven-part sermon series on marriage and the family, now doesn’t it?  Admit it: that last sentence struck a nerve, didn’t it?  Been there, done that.  We all have.

  Single Christian men, it’s high time for you to ditch church and give up on finding somebody there.  Pack up and go, for your own good and for your own sake.  You’ll thank me.  I wish you all the best in your journey toward self-awareness. MGTOW!

                                                                                                Very Sincerely,

                                                                                                “Luke Johnstone”

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