Friday, April 20, 2018

Oh, Just Another Day in the White Trash Mecca!

  So if you’ve read my blogs (and I would hope that you have…or will), then you know that I live near and work in a town called Leesburg, Florida, but the good guys here call it “Sleazeburg” or “Diseaseburg” for good reason.  Here are the main blogs I’ve posted where I go into detail about why:

Well, yet another lovely gem shows up recently, and it has garnered not just statewide media attention, but nationwide and even worldwide attention as well.  Here are a few links:

She just oozes with intelligence...and probably other stuff, too

 Sigh.  Just another day here in the White Trash Mecca!  Seriously, this is the shit I see, read and hear about on a regular basis here.  So let me give you a synopsis in case you didn’t read the full articles.  A 33-year-old Lake County skank named Pauline Elizabeth Martin, a part-time, $8 an hour cashier at the worst McDonald’s in the entire area, has an out of wedlock baby 12 years ago and decides that one kid just isn’t enough (hint: IT IS!!), so she decides to start fucking…her brother.  Her own brother.  Keeping it in the family.  Good ol’ incest, the stuff you always hear people making fun of happening in Alabama, West Virginia or Kentucky (dunno about the latter two states, but I’ve literally never seen or heard about any real incest going on in Alabama for generations).  Now, I honestly don’t care one way or the other if family members are banging one another, I really don’t; it’s not my business if siblings want to get it on, or lucky fathers and daughters, or cousins or…whatever.  As long as it’s consensual, I guess.  It certainly was with Miss Martin; she lived with him for five years and apparently they fucked regularly.  Eeeww!

  But she didn’t stop there.  Nope.  She proudly and happily got knocked up by her brother, yet another out of wedlock baby on welfare in a town and county packed to the brim and overflowing with single moms and their bastard children on welfare.  Poor white trash, uneducated, minimum-wage burger flipper job, and knocked up…by her own brother.  Not step-brother, not half-brother.  Nope, her immediate family.  Well, Pauline Martin squirts out her out of wedlock welfare baby and, not surprisingly, he has severe medical and genetic problems.  No shit!  That very often happens with incest; those children are usually mentally retarded because of the inbreeding. 
Y'know, kinda like these brothers
 It’s genetics, which anybody with an IQ over 90 would know.  Obviously, Pauline and her bro are IQ<90.

   The baby has such serious medical and genetic issues and abnormalities that he had to be rushed to Winnie Palmer Hospital in Whorelando, where DNA tests quickly show that incest isn’t the best.  Soon afterward, Lake County Sheriff’s deputies visited Martin at her lovely workplace, the McDonald’s in Okahumpka aka “Okadumpka.”  I work quite near that place, and the entire staff is a friggen freak show!  The trashiest of the trash, the scummiest of the scum, and possibly the worst McDonald’s in the entire county…and that’s saying a lot, seeing that McD’s is the worst fast food around.

  So the coppers come by her freakazoid workplace and question her about the baby.  She openly admits that it’s her brother’s baby, that she’s been having a continuous sexual relationship with her own sibling, and that she was going to eventually call the incest off because she was “talking” to another guy.  Sheeeeesh!  What a desperate simp to be wanting to hook up with this skank-ass whore, but the White Trash Mecca is loaded with desperate, thirsty simps begging for any pussy they can get…any pussy.  Any.  Even this nasty ho.  I bet even with the whole state, nay, the nation, pardon…the WORLD, now knowing about this story, I bet that simp is still wanting to bang her.  Eeeww again.

  After Pauline Martin openly admits that she screwed her brother just the night before (Jeebus!), the deputies then try to arrest her for incest (yeah, that’s still a felony in most states), and she goes bat-shit crazy and runs to the back of the “restaurant” and tries to evade arrest.  While trying to get her to the car, Martin kicks and screams “Fuck this!” the entire way to the cop car and in it, so she was also charged with resisting arrest.  Pure class all the way around.

  Working in the White Trash Mecca, and working near her workplace, I and my fellow co-workers often saw Pauline Martin.  We always knew she was typical White Trash Mecca filth, but we didn’t know she was this trashy.  Like I said, I’m kind of indifferent when it comes to people wanting to do that stuff in the privacy of their own homes, but when a retarded baby is born as a result, and that baby now has to be taken care of hand and foot by taxpayers, I draw the line.  All these nice, single guys out there who can’t get laid, and Pauline Martin is banging her brother instead?  Oh, Diseaseburg, Sleazeburg!  SMH

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Visual Trip of the White Trash Mecca! Part 2

 Earlier this year, I posted a blog showing the people of this area, and here it is.  Sheesh! Well, how about a sequel?!  So here’s some more photos of what I see every single day here in the White Trash Mecca of Florida, which goes from Ocala and Belleview, then Leesburg and Lady Lake, then Wildwood, and ends up like an old, flaccid, uncircumcised dick sloughing off smegma and pouring piss all over New Port Richey. 
  So here are some more photos of the locals.  As stated in the previous blog, these are culled from social media profiles as well as websites that feature people uploading pics of those here, or from friends that have taken the pics themselves.  First, here’s Tumblr pages for methheads here in the White Trash Mecca.  Area codes 727 and 352 are the two codes that encompass the entire area that I outlined in the above map (I'm in the 352), and this entire area has the highest meth lab busts in the state:

Reppin' the 727 and 352!

 Speaking of methheads, how about a New Port Richey/Pasco County class act, complete with Tampa Bay Rays jersey stuffed in his nasty Hanes boxers:

This is what all the women in the White Trash Mecca consider "hot"
He's definitely going to jail yet again...or detox

And now here’s some Ocala lowlifes:

I can feel the intelligence just oozing from them
That thar South will rise again...after we finish chugging these here beers!
And of course, they get the somewhat-attractive Ho-cala girls, yet I haven't gotten laid in four full years now!
Yep.  No surprise there.
This Ocala skank added me on the good ol’ days of Myspace back in like 2007 for some reason, so these pics are a decade out of date.  Her arrest records continue to mount since then, as do her tattoos, so much so that they are specially photographed by law enforcement when they are booking her in for her latest crime of the year:
That chest tat is supposed to spell "UNITY."  It should say "UNTIDY!"
Nothing cuter than having one of your out-of-wedlock children pretending to slit your throat

And, here's her daughter.  Pure class act, just like her mother.
Oh, and one of her kids is from a black guy.  Gee, what a fucking shock!

And finally, how about some of the lovely people you’ll meet at Wal-Mart.  The first three pics were taken by my friend who used to be an ice cream delivery driver who had to deliver products to and service the Sleazeburg Wal-Mart every week.  He was appalled by what he saw every day that he had to secretly snap a few pics, sending a couple of them to  Of course, it is Wal-Mart, so what do you expect?
This was one his gems he took right as he walked in the door

You know you're in the ghetto when you have a sign like this on the front door.  Oh, and the WIC sign next to it!
Put the erection down, guys.
And here’s one famous pic that was taken in Inverness aka Inbredness…

Teen mom? Check. Tramp stamp and other tats? Check. Filthy pajamas in public? Check. Her mom having to help raise illegitimate child? Check.

…and one taken in Ocala aka Ho-cala:
I can't find one thing in this picture that isn't filled with trash

Oh, just another day in the White Trash Mecca known as central Florida!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

MGTOW and Being 36

Well, here we are.  Coming to a close of my 36th year of life.  I posted similar blogs a year ago and two years ago, so here are the respective links to those: MGTOW and Being 35 and MGTOW and Being 34.
Hell, I can't even get 36 year-old women to have sex with me, let alone 18!
  Year 36 hasn’t been too much of a year; I’d say it was just average.  I had some outings here and there with my friends (all guys, of course), and took a week-long road trip to the Smoky Mountains, and worked, worked, worked.  I’ve unfortunately gained quite a bit of weight since my October vacation to the mountains, so now I’m short, bald and even fatter than I was.  Oh, well, them’s the breaks. 

  In addition to the weight gain, I had a terrible cold-like virus that kept me ill for weeks in February and March; I couldn’t seem to shake it, the worst virus I’ve ever had.  Then, in the beginning of April, I had a few days of an awful fever that left me feeling terrible again.  A couple of weeks ago, I came down with Bell’s Palsy, albeit a minor case that was barely noticeable to anybody else but me, but I sure had it!  Bell’s Palsy often occurs some time after a lengthy virus and fever, which is exactly what I had.  So for many weeks, I didn’t do anything but go to work and then sit home and try to recover.  That is a major reason why I didn’t blog for months.  Did ya miss me?  Did ya?!

  Finance-wise, I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years!  Still not making much, but I’m saving money and living more frugally.  I paid off a credit card debt, and I’m chipping away at two others I have.  I’m just about to have my car paid off, so that monthly payment will now go to paying off those debts.  So financially, I am doing what so many in the MGTOW movement encourage others to do: get your economic house in order.  This is a good thing, no?

  As far as sex and relationships, well…of course not! 

Three-and-a-half years and counting.

 I’m short, fat and bald, remember?  I’m also living in the White Trash Mecca, filled with lonely single men and trailer park trash single mothers, like these actual women from here:

So much trash in one picture, I can't even.

Stretch marks on her boobs from three babies from three different fathers (black and white), and tattoos of random black and white guys she's fucked.  Welcome to Leesburg, Florida!
  I’m pan-sexual, so I’ll gladly take a male-to-female transgender, and maybe the right gay or bi-sexual guy.  My mind is open for either…as is my mouth and anus.  As far as females, there are a couple of very outside chances I have at work, very outside.  One is a flaky 18 year-old girl who is very sweet but dorky.  The other is a 25-year old fatty from Long Island named Gina.  Because she’s not from here, she doesn’t have any kids and she’s single.  Wow!  I’ve seen pictures of her when Gina was younger, and she was quite a piece of ass, but now she just continues to expand even more than I am.  Recently, I saw her at her desk, eating king-sized candy bar after king-sized candy bar, three in total, all at one sitting!  Good Lord, even I’m not that much of a glutton!  But Gina is shaped fairly well compared to 95% of fat women, who look like this:

Yeah, but even these women gets tons of dates from thirsty men.  Unreal.
  Gina’s not like that at all, so I may try her out.  I’d love to bang her all night, but a relationship? Not a chance! 

Which brings me to the last part.  MGTOW!  Even if I had chances at relationships, there’s no way I would even try one.  Screw that!  I sincerely hope that more and more men read blogs like mine, as well as the loads and loads of YouTube videos and vlogs from those in the #MGTOW movement and heed their sage advice.  I avoid females my age and younger and much as I possibly can, but then again, they’re not beating down the door to get close to me, either.  But I don’t even try anymore, and this past year was no exception.  I don’t even bother.  Years and years and years of rejection and being ignored or sneered at by even the ugliest, fattest, most undesirable females, combined with the surreal lack of decent women here, as well as all the information I’ve gathered in the past couple of years from taking the Red Pill, leaves me not wanting to pursue relationships and even friendships with women 18 to 40.  For men who are interested in Going Their Own Way, I say, “YES!  By all means, yes!  Read my blogs, read other blogs from single men in our dilemma, and watch the YouTube vids.  Immerse yourself in the culture of masculinity and MGTOW.  So there’s a recap of the events of me at 36 years old.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Visual Trip of the White Trash Mecca!

  Ah, the White Trash Mecca.  For those who don’t know what that is, here’s a well-read link: The White Trash Mecca Known as Leesburg .  And here’s another link of guys in said Mecca getting “woke,” as the liberal Millennials (is there any other kind?) call it: Opening Eyes.

  So now, where exactly is the White Trash Mecca?  Here’s a Google Map with the area circled in red:

Lots of area, lots of trash.  The hardest-hit areas of meth-induced trailer trash and rednecks are circled in blue: Belleview/Summerfield, Inverness aka Inbredness, Sleazeburg aka Diseasburg, as well as New Port Richey in Pasco County.  I used to not know too much about NPR until I read a massive amount of comments and saw loads of pictures of the area; there are entire threads bashing the town on Topix,, and even a Facebook page called “Pasco County Trash Can.”  I’ve also met people who have a lot of personal experience there, and all of this points to clear evidence that New Port Shitty (as it’s called) should definitely be included in the White Trash Mecca.  If you want to hang out with a bunch of skanky, dirty-looking single mom strippers (including a dumb Friendzoning whore I used to work with named Kristiey aka Phoenixxx), then NPR is the place for you!  More toothless strippers per capita there than in any other city in Florida…guaranteed!  But for me, the bulk of the White Trash Mecca is here in the Leesburg area and environs.  I live it every single day.

  So now, for some pics to demonstrate how incredibly trashy this whole region is.  I culled these pics from various sources: personal photos I or my friends or co-workers have taken; pics from Facebook, either pics I’ve saved from personal profiles or from Pasco County Trash Can; People of Walmart, or “r/trashy” Reddit.  With the last two sites, I got the photos from Florida tags and in the comments section, the commenters stated repeatedly that the pics were from the White Trash Mecca.  I wouldn’t doubt it at all.  So let’s get started, shall we?

Oh, just another day here!

New Port Richey single mom-to-be training for her next job as a stripper.
Drive down any road in Leesburg, and this is all you see

Leesburg's finest.  Oh, and she's a single mom, too, no suprise.

An 18 year-old with a pack of Marlboros and a Rebel flag tattoo just above her stinky pussy? Probably best friends with the skank just before her.

Not for the dumbasses who actually hook up with this skank!

From Marion Oaks.  Just mention "Marion Oaks," and everybody here knows how bad it is.

More FUPA than you can shake a Triple Whopper at.  And here, men are so thirsty and desperate that these whales have dozens of simps begging for them weekly.
From New Port Richey. Rebel flag, pajamas in public, Wal-Mart and a vulgar caption on clothing. This is white trash x4!

Also from the NPR area.  Teen mom, trashy home and yard, pjs, and check out the shirt. LOL! But I'd still fuck both of them, I have to admit.
This is just a sampling of what I’ve gathered over a very short period of time.  There will be a Part 2 and maybe even a Part 3 eventually.  Just remember, this is all I see every day, all day, all week, all month, all year. Welcome, my readers, to the White Trash Mecca.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

An Open Letter to Christian Single Men 18 to 40

 Dear Christian single men 18 to 40,

  Hello. This is part blog, part open letter, and I’m gearing this almost exclusively to Christian single men in their young adulthood up to their late 30s and early 40s.  So if this is you, please read this with an open mind.  If you know somebody who fits the aforementioned category, I greatly encourage you to send this blog to them as they need to read this.  Seriously, they need to see it. 

  OK, I’ve mentioned a couple of times in previous blogs, I come from an evangelical Christian background, Southern Baptist, to be exact.  Although I’m not particularly religious and haven’t been for about nine years, I still have a great respect for Christians and Christian Conservatives despite the incredible persecution they face daily, whether online or in real life, the former persecution being from the left and being verbal or written, and the latter being mainly from Muslims worldwide and being very physical and brutal.  I’m not some “keyboard atheist;” I’m not writing this letter to bash you and ridicule and belittle you, like all the online atheists/liberals/Marxists do continuously. 

Yeah, I’m not like that.  At all.  I was once one of you, and, even though I’m not so much now, I still empathize and respect and honor your beliefs very much.





I need to convey this to you guys, as politely and respectively as I can.

Single young Christian men…

…it’s…it’s time.  It’s just time.  It’s time for you to drop out of church once and for all.

I mean it.  It’s time to stop going to church for good, and never go back.  Don’t you think it’s high time? 

  Why are you going?  Why are you even bothering??  Is it because your parents are really pushing for you to go?  Is it just because you’re active in various ministries and worship opportunities there?  I know the feeling, as I was very active in the drama group (indeed, the main actor and one of the main writers of our amazing plays and videos) and loved, loved, loved it and lived for it as I love theater.  But secular theater is all godless liberals, and it was great to be around non-godless conservatives and immerse myself in something that I absolutely loved doing and was talented in doing.  So I understand where you are coming from if you like being part of various groups and ministries in church.  But being part of that doesn’t even come close to outweighing the elephant in the room, and that is…

…you’re single.  Very single.  Alone.  Probably rarely or never had somebody.  And it’s not changing one bit for the better, now is it?  Look around you on a Sunday morning.  Who do you see?

1. Old people, some of them so elderly they are weeks away from keeling over;

2. Married couples your age, all of them with children, and all they ever talk about is their friggen kids all the time;

3. Maybe one or two divorced, used-up women with kids, just in church to look for a sugar daddy to take care of them and their demon offspring before they hit the Wall;

4. Single men aged 18 to 40.

That’s it.  Even in mega-churches, that’s all there is.  I mean, we’re talking thousands upon thousands of active members…and no real Christian single females.  Wow.  I went several times to Meadowbrook Church in Ho-cala, I mean, Ocala, because I had a friend who went there.  Big church, yet no singles group.  Just lots of #4 and a couple of #3, along with couples who weren’t married yet, so they got stuck in the “singles’ group.”  I went several times to the uber-huge and vibrant and conservative Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater in the Tampa Bay area with two friends.  Fantastic church, but again, no single women, just a couple of scantily-clad sluts in stripper heels and mini-skirts who obviously were there just to put in some church time; they sure weren’t looking for good guys, because they ignored the pew of all of us.  I emailed the church back in 2011, asking for info on the young singles group; never even got a response, obviously because they don’t even have such a group.  Here’s an excellent YouTube video about the subject from one of the gods of the MGTOW movement, Sandman.  Please listen to him:

 Couldn’t agree more.  Sandman is from Toronto, Canada, but his words still ring true here in the U.S.  No single good-looking female is going to go to church, because they are hot and they think they don’t need God.  That’s why there are no hot babe Christian women, and even those who are somewhat attractive are already married.  You can keep waiting and waiting for some Godly, good-looking maiden to come to your church, plop herself down on the pew next to you, and fall in love, but…it’s not gonna happen!! 

  Back in 2011, an extensive study was published by Stanford University regarding where and how people met their spouses or partners here in the U.S.  The data that was gathered spanned from 1940 to 2010, and here is the telling graph:
    Finding somebody at church was always not that large of a percentage, but now it’s down to literally nothing.  I mean, look at the graph: it’s plummeted to virtually zero!  In fact, almost every way of meeting a spouse/romantic partner has fallen, except for online and restaurants/bars, which have leveled off as of 2010; I imagine now in 2017, those numbers have fallen drastically as well.  Have you ever met a decent female at a bar or restaurant?  I’ve been to dozen upon dozens of them over the past several years and have met or even seen none at all.  And we all know how horrible online dating is.. Click here to view a blog I wrote about what’s left as far as single females are concerned.  So, as you can see, very few people are really meeting anybody anymore, but they sure as heck ain’t meeting them in church!!  If you think that you’re going find somebody at church, the evidence is overwhelmingly not in your favor, both from exhaustive studies and from your personal experience and mine.

  I’ve visited a number of medium-to-large-sized Southern Baptist and Assembly of God churches from Ho-cala to Whorelando to Tampa over the years, and have come up with nothing to show for it in the way of meeting decent women.  And you know it’s the same with you, so stop living in denial.  As Sandman succinctly put it, they’re not there, as they think they don’t need God.  And if they were there, they wouldn’t want you as they would be banging the bad boys outside of church; I’ve known a lot of girls over the years who did that, and you have, too.

   I used to go to a local church and was super-active there for years, and there was a guy there named David who—like most of the young men there—was very single. He was tall, well-built, and slightly attractive, compared to me, who is short, fat, and bald.  He just sat there and kept waiting and waiting for a perfect female to drop from the ceiling and land next to him up in the balcony where he was our light & sound technician.  He had a couple of chances for girls, but he backed out because they weren’t the world’s perfect Christian ladies (hint, guys: there are none anymore).  Waiting and waiting.  Well, David is now past 40, still a virgin, and still sitting there, waiting for a single woman to show up.  Hasn’t happened, and never will happen.  And ditto for you guys as well.
 Back in the day (2003 to 2008, mainly), I hung around over a dozen men around my age here in the north central Florida area who were Christian and single.  Now, the only one I know of who regularly goes to church is poor ol’ David.  Everybody else has left the local churches out of frustration, mainly because of the lack of women and the lack of reasons for them to even remain there.  Why bother going if you’re a third wheel, a leftover, awkwardly sitting there with couples while they incessantly talk about their spouses and kids.  Ugh!  You know full well you don’t belong there anymore, guys.  There’s no place in church for single males our age.  Time to leave.  Start this Sunday.  Seriously, guys.

  Am I saying that you should reject your faith?  No, not at all.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  What I am saying is that there’s no reason or no place for you to be in the houses of worship anymore and it’s only going to get worse as church attendance has been dropping continuously and steadily for over 15 years straight.  Perhaps you and your fellow Christian dudes could just meet in your homes and have your own worship services?  The first Christians did just that…and thrived!  Try it.  Meet at one of your homes or apartments, or even at a picnic table at a park.  Go for it.  Beats sitting in a sanctuary filled with couples and old geezers, listening to a seven-part sermon series on marriage and the family, now doesn’t it?  Admit it: that last sentence struck a nerve, didn’t it?  Been there, done that.  We all have.

  Single Christian men, it’s high time for you to ditch church and give up on finding somebody there.  Pack up and go, for your own good and for your own sake.  You’ll thank me.  I wish you all the best in your journey toward self-awareness. MGTOW!

                                                                                                Very Sincerely,

                                                                                                “Luke Johnstone”

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PPS-Nothing really.  I just wanted to create a PPS.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Single Moms and Memes

Now, gentlemen, I admit that the majority of my blogs involve criticizing young Western females. That’s a given. But there are specialized blogs out there that focus on primarily one or two subjects/topics, and this just happens to be one of them. Heck, there are bloggers that write only about subjects from Japanese Robotech cartoons from the 80s to workplace violence to President Obama’s birth certificate (give it a rest, dude!) to old grocery stores of the past to laptops to lap dogs to lap cats to freaky fetishes like loving black men’s feet (WTF???). So Life in a White Trash Mecca is merely more of a specialized blog page that deals with a few topics, but the main topic usually circles back around to the absolute depravity that is the single young woman. So here, men, is another such post.

As you know, I love me some memes! Here are a few posts I created that feature only memes, and darn good ones, at that:

Once You Go Black...

Willy Wonka!!

More Willy Wonka!!

Some months ago, I came across what I now consider to be the greatest, most truthful, most dead-on, most creative, most brutally honest internet meme I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen thousands of memes online and created quite a few myself. Here it is, in all its creamy goodness and beauty:

OMG! YES! YES!! A hundred times, yes! #savage Just having Grammar Guy aka Correction Guy or Grammar Correction Guy is going to be a trip, a “hoot,” as you would say in the Upper Midwest, now don’cha know? Whoever created this work of art is 100% dead-on. For years, I thought I was the only one who thought this. It’s everything I’ve always thought of, but never could articulate it, and when I did, it would just come across as “just that short, fat, bald dude” spewing out bitterness. With the words put together with pictures, including my hero, Grammar Correction Guy, it’s a sight to behold. Although I’m not much of a Pinterest fan, I still Pin a few things here and there. This meme was one I have, and I’ve gotten loads of people Favoriting and Repinning it. This picture speaks to many people.

Everything that was written on this pic is 100% true of hundreds of thousands of young, single mothers in North America. In fact, it may even be millions now, for all we know. Yes, the horrors that are occurring in the United States that are caused by these women and their demon offspring are astounding, and getting worse every year as the single mom rate is skyrocketing, and not just with black women, who have long been a lost cause. The rampant immorality and godlessness of young single mothers has helped cause a full breakdown of the family, and with it, a breakdown of our morals, values, godliness, and basic civility that once governed our nation from 1776 to around just a few years ago. While all of this cannot be completely ascribed to said women, they—and the Democratic Party—bear a large portion of the absolute dreadfulness they have created.

Speaking of created, I have known dozens upon dozens of women here in the White Trash Mecca of Lake/Marion/Sumter/Citrus Counties that have done almost every single point on this meme, all in that order. I have seen hundreds more in person and online around here that seem to fit the bill of this meme, although I can’t be for sure on every point. One of these points that doesn’t always ring true is part of #1; most women here in Sleazeburg aren’t drunk when they get randomly knocked up. They intentionally wanted to be pregnant at the ripe ol’ age of 18 (the average age for first pregnancies in the Sleazeburg/Diseaseburg area) to any scumbag low-life they met. They are proud of just having a “sperm donor,” as they all call their Baby Daddies (plural, as they have multiple kids from multiple scumbags). One such female who fits the bill of this awesome yet truthfully sad meme is a hot ex-girlfriend of mine, who I will just call “Ho-cala Girl.”

I made this years ago.  Feel free to pass it the STDs the women here have!
After dumping me, then immediately riding the Cock Carousel and then getting and spreading around an STD for a while, Ho-cala Girl, at 20 years old, poor and no education, decided to do what all poor, uneducated women do at that age or usually before: hook up with some random dude and intentionally get knocked up, getting off the birth control she was on since we were together and get preggers by one of the most notoriously scummy and nasty-looking lowlifes in Ocala aka Ho-cala. I mean, fugly and lazy and already knocked up a girl and wouldn’t pay child support. Well, Ho-cala Girl decided this was the perfect guy to be her “sperm donor!” Yes, she nonchalantly referred to him as that. But I don’t at all believe she was drunk when she, ummm…copulated. Most females around here are not when they get knocked up as they do so intentionally as young as they can and with the worst guys they can. So knock off #1. Lets go through the rest:

#2 You fucked a douchebag/loser without protection. Check! Ho-cala Girl intentionally got off birth control but didn’t tell the douchebag/loser, so they started having sex without condoms because he thought she was on the Pill. Nope! She just had to get pregnant as
soon as possible, so that she did.

#3. You got pregnant and refused to have an abortion. Check! Women in the White Trash Mecca won’t have abortions. They think they have to have the out-of-wedlock babies and that abortion is morally wrong. Yet, these sluts think that fucking any random lowlife they come across and riding the Cock Carousel is the perfectly moral and decent thing to do. Just as long as they don’t have an abortion! Heaven forbid!

#4. You pooped out the kid. Check! No father around, no husband, child has the mother’s last name, just like all those black kids born in the ghettos.

#5. You moved in with the broke-ass dad. Actually, it was the other way around. The broke-ass dad moved in with her almost immediately after they started fucking, which was immediately after they met. He was so broke that my uneducated, working-class ex-girlfriend had to foot his bills and give him a place to live. But once Ho-cala Girl got preggers, she kicked him out. She got exactly what she wanted—to quickly get knocked up—so his services weren’t needed anymore. The sperm donation did its job.

#6. You couldn’t stand each others guts, so you broke up with him after six months. They broke up after less than six weeks, not six months. No joke.

#7. You now hate your life and the fact you can’t go out to party anymore. Check!

#8. You tell everyone on Facebook how amazing your life is with your kid (who has an insanely stupid name, such as Nevaeh, Grace, Bentley, or Aidani). Check! Although I’ve only glanced at her FB a few times since Ho-cala Girl squirted out her illegitimate baby, her Feed is filled with pics of her and her kid constantly, as well as how much she just loves her out-of-wedlock child. The other pics are all her trashy-assed tattoos that she splatters all over herself on a regular basis; when we were together, she had none, and I refused to let her get any. And as far as those stupid names? Check! One of those names is her kid. I shit you not.

#9. Your kid is growing up to be as stupid and ill-mannered as you are. Not quite sure, as she’s had no contact with me for years, but seeing that the overwhelming majority of single mothers are horrible parents, and seeing that the overwhelming majority of kids raised by single mothers are horrible kids, I’m going to put that into the “Check!” category.

#10. You are no looking for a rich man to support you and your kid, so you can continue doing nothing and start partying again. Check! Ho-cala Girl is dating up with every guy she bangs, because men in the White Trash Mecca are so desperate and thirsty and there’s nothing decent of any kind for these guys, even good-looking, tall guys. Ho-cala Girl just recently got a college degree (five years later than she would have if she had gone to the University of Florida like she was planning on after high school graduation), a degree paid for by taxpayers, along with all her welfare, WIC and Medicaid/Obamacare. But I can guarantee you that my exgf is dating up just to get a simp, a sucker, to take care of her and her kid. Here’s an excellent blog I wrote about simps: Simps, Simps and More Simps

Whoever made this meme, I would like to congratulate. As in, I would literally like to shake this guy’s hand and talk with him about this issue that he laid bare so well, and I would love to tell him how important this internet picture is to me. So if you guys know this person, direct him to this blog and tell him I am in his debt. I’m sure that many of you men reading this blog can relate to this meme, as well as my own personal story regarding this particular ex-girlfriend of mine. I can guarantee a lot of you guys have seen or heard about this same shit happening not only with exes, but with other females you know. Here in the White Trash Mecca, I see and hear about this constantly with almost every woman around. Please share this meme anywhere you can, guys!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ah, the White Knights! Hilarity ensues!

I have written blogs about Captain Sav-a-Ho’s, and I have written blogs about simps. Both of those inconveniently darkened links will take you to two widely-read and social media-shared blog posts I’ve made about these topics. While I lightly touched on the subject of White Knights in both blogs, I mainly just want to showcase two glaring examples of White Knighting that I recently came across to demonstrate these pathetic excuses for males.

Urban Dictionary terms White Knights as “a male that treats woman as goddesses and does nothing but shower then in compliments on how wonderful and beautiful and special they are.” Yep, that’s pretty much it. Pussy-whipped manginas who protect women who do not at all deserve to be protected, and they do this in hopes that they will score brownie points with not just the females that they are protecting, but any female who sees or hears about the White Knighting. The majority of White Knights can be found online, from countless internet forums to social media outlets from Instagram to Facebook and especially Tumblr and Twitter. Every day in every way, young men take up the challenge of kissing the cellulite-and-stretchmark-ridden asses of Western women. These girls and women are almost always bringing judgment, condemnation, and contempt on themselves by their ribald behavior, and when they are called out on said behavior, these dudes swoop in to twist themselves into pretzels trying to shelter women from any criticism, no matter how deserved the criticism is. They used to just type things like “Leave her alone!” or my favorite, “Leave her alone…or else!” Or else what? Hahahahaha!!

Now these weenies go into details about how evil all men are who do not grovel and kiss the asses of women; they bring out the stereotypical feminist mush and idiocy of “patriarchy” and “misogyny” among other turd-like bunk, then wait on the sidelines with baited breath, hoping the bitch they just stood for will say, “Gasp! Thou protected my wholesomeness and honor and pride! For that, young squire, thou shalt be invited to fornicate with me and thy seed shall be thrust inside me as a token of my unyielding gratititude!” Yeeaaaahhh, can you guess the number of women who have actually done that?

One guess.

Guess. Go ahead.

Did you guess…ZERO??? You would be right!

Yet, these manginas just keep pecking away on their keyboards, whether on their PC or laptop, or their smartphones or Tablets or iPads. Peck, peck, peck. Anytime a whore is criticized for being a whore, here come the White Knights. Peck, peck and more peck. Donning their shining armor, they must defend the non-existent honor of females who have never had honor or dignity in their lives. If they’re lucky—and that’s a big IF—the slut being protected or some random female who reads the comments from the White Knight will say, “Awwwwe, thanks” or “Totes, bae” or some other insincere, throwaway statement and…that’s it.

The general consensus about White Knights is that these losers do this simply because they inexplicably believe that doing so will get them laid, somehow, someway. Never happens, of course, and never will. There is one alternate theory that came about two years ago on Return of Kings by Jeremy Jacobs. Here’s the link, and the title is aptly named An Alternate Theory of White Knights:. Basically, the author theorizes that men who were unfortunately raised by single mothers (ugh!) have been programmed by them to always protect the female gender, no matter how the female gender acts. It’s a brainwashed, Pavlonian Dog-type situation with these guys. Their awful unwed moms told their own sons to hate masculine men and idolize feminist women, any feminist woman, which is now the vast majority of women, apparently. I think there is definitely a contingent of these kinds of White Knights—I really do—but there are still many, many guys who White Knight simply in desperation of getting poon…that they never get, no matter how much of a fool they make themselves out to be.

Now, I bring your attention to two instances of White Knights online, and whether these two wimps did this because of simping for sex or because of how their mothers raised them, is up in the air. No clue. But they are pathetic White Knights regardless.

First, an Instagram photo from a 13-year-old Australian girl named Bonnie-Lou Coffey. She and her older sisters, Ellie-Jean, Holly-Sue and Ruby-Lee, are Aussie surfer chicks who are only moderately good at surfing as well as only moderately attractive, although they are will openly say that they think they are perfect in every way. Like all females on IG, these intellectually vapid blondes post pics just for attention and Likes and followers, nothing more; the Coffey’s basically are the Kardashian’s of Australia. Well, more and more girls Bonnie-Lou’s age and even younger (like even 12 years old!) from Hawaii, California and Australia are starting to wear thong bikinis on the beach, at the pool, and even walking around parks and on the sidewalks, and take loads of IG photos of their bare butts; in fact, their parents sometimes hire adult male photographers to take photos of their daughter’s bethonged ass cheeks, or the parents take the pics themselves and the girls then post them all over IG. Yes, hundreds—possibly thousands—of pre-teen and barely-teen girls running around in public wearing thong bikinis—almost all of them from Hawaii, but some from The Land Down Under and a few some Cali—all with their parents’ full blessing. Now, if I had a daughter that age, I honestly wouldn’t mind her wearing thongs like that around the pool or the beach with her girl friends, but I or she sure as hell ain’t getting some creepy photographer dude taking pics of her ass and posting them all over social media!! I have a fake IG profile of a hot teen girl, so I add these girls and view their pictures as the girls think that I’m a hot girl. It’s all for research, folks! All for research! Ahem…ummm…anyway…*whistles nonchalantly*

Bonnie-Lou posted a very skimpy pic of her in a see-through bikini top recently:

The sisters are all cute, but their voices and accents are soooooooo grating and ugly.

It was fairly risqué for Instagram and very risqué for a 13-year-old girl. Several people—most of them women, believe it or not—commented on the pic that it was a bit too revealing for such a young girl, and then Bonnie’s sister, Ellie, went on a stereotypical liberal woman rampage, one of many in Australia, an entire nation that has been fully enveloped in man-hating feminism:

Oh, so much feminist double-talk! So much left-wing gobbledygook! So many buzz words when sluts get called out for being sluts. All these Coffey girls have probably been fucking since they were 11! Ah, just in time to save the fair Aussie maiden, here comes the White Knight! En garde!

Oh, please! Give me a break, you mangina! Some adult man playing the concerned male who is here to protect the not-so-honorable Coffey Whores. What a friggen pussy! Speaking of pussy, this mangina probably busted a nut when he actually got a crumb of attention from a fellow feminist, thinking it would lead to him getting laid:

That’s all he's going to get! Sorry, wimp, you ain’t getting any from being Mr. Shining Armor. Now, another example, this time on YouTube. Some annoying Hispanic bitch nicknamed “Jotce80” uploaded a video of her Uber driver acting like a really, really angry asshole who does not need to be driving for Uber. But as can be seen in the video, this bitch baits him and prods him and teases him just to get a reaction:

Typical Millennial, typical Democrat, typical minority. Always trying to start shit. Always trying to pick fights. Always trying to make people feel bad for them. Always trying to play the victim. Always trying to find grounds for a lawsuit. This Jotce80 and her annoying Latina accent was a real cunt with her obnoxious passive-aggressive behavior, and the video she posted received an overwhelming majority of Dislikes (16k to 1k) and a massive amount of very negative comments; in fact, about 95% of the comments on her YT video were negative, including numerous comments from fellow women, many of whom called her a "cunt."
With all the people upset at this bitch, here comes the White Knight:

Sheeeeeeesh! Well, this asshat got a reply, and it’s the exact kind of reply every guy should post when the White Knight starts defending the indefensible actions of a bitch:

NICE!! And that’s what you guys need to do. CALL THEM OUT!! Call them out on their White Knighting! Call them what they are, and these guys will slither away, and nobody ever comes to their defense, including the females they are so bound and determined to defend. If I hadn’t been on my fake Instagram profile (again, just researching!), I would have called that weenie out who White Knighted for Bonnie-Lou Coffey. Call White Knights out, guys! If you see it online, respond to it!