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An Open Letter to Christian Single Men 18 to 40

 Dear Christian single men 18 to 40,

  Hello. This is part blog, part open letter, and I’m gearing this almost exclusively to Christian single men in their young adulthood up to their late 30s and early 40s.  So if this is you, please read this with an open mind.  If you know somebody who fits the aforementioned category, I greatly encourage you to send this blog to them as they need to read this.  Seriously, they need to see it. 

  OK, I’ve mentioned a couple of times in previous blogs, I come from an evangelical Christian background, Southern Baptist, to be exact.  Although I’m not particularly religious and haven’t been for about nine years, I still have a great respect for Christians and Christian Conservatives despite the incredible persecution they face daily, whether online or in real life, the former persecution being from the left and being verbal or written, and the latter being mainly from Muslims worldwide and being very physical and brutal.  I’m not some “keyboard atheist;” I’m not writing this letter to bash you and ridicule and belittle you, like all the online atheists/liberals/Marxists do continuously. 

Yeah, I’m not like that.  At all.  I was once one of you, and, even though I’m not so much now, I still empathize and respect and honor your beliefs very much.





I need to convey this to you guys, as politely and respectively as I can.

Single young Christian men…

…it’s…it’s time.  It’s just time.  It’s time for you to drop out of church once and for all.

I mean it.  It’s time to stop going to church for good, and never go back.  Don’t you think it’s high time? 

  Why are you going?  Why are you even bothering??  Is it because your parents are really pushing for you to go?  Is it just because you’re active in various ministries and worship opportunities there?  I know the feeling, as I was very active in the drama group (indeed, the main actor and one of the main writers of our amazing plays and videos) and loved, loved, loved it and lived for it as I love theater.  But secular theater is all godless liberals, and it was great to be around non-godless conservatives and immerse myself in something that I absolutely loved doing and was talented in doing.  So I understand where you are coming from if you like being part of various groups and ministries in church.  But being part of that doesn’t even come close to outweighing the elephant in the room, and that is…

…you’re single.  Very single.  Alone.  Probably rarely or never had somebody.  And it’s not changing one bit for the better, now is it?  Look around you on a Sunday morning.  Who do you see?

1. Old people, some of them so elderly they are weeks away from keeling over;

2. Married couples your age, all of them with children, and all they ever talk about is their friggen kids all the time;

3. Maybe one or two divorced, used-up women with kids, just in church to look for a sugar daddy to take care of them and their demon offspring before they hit the Wall;

4. Single men aged 18 to 40.

That’s it.  Even in mega-churches, that’s all there is.  I mean, we’re talking thousands upon thousands of active members…and no real Christian single females.  Wow.  I went several times to Meadowbrook Church in Ho-cala, I mean, Ocala, because I had a friend who went there.  Big church, yet no singles group.  Just lots of #4 and a couple of #3, along with couples who weren’t married yet, so they got stuck in the “singles’ group.”  I went several times to the uber-huge and vibrant and conservative Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater in the Tampa Bay area with two friends.  Fantastic church, but again, no single women, just a couple of scantily-clad sluts in stripper heels and mini-skirts who obviously were there just to put in some church time; they sure weren’t looking for good guys, because they ignored the pew of all of us.  I emailed the church back in 2011, asking for info on the young singles group; never even got a response, obviously because they don’t even have such a group.  Here’s an excellent YouTube video about the subject from one of the gods of the MGTOW movement, Sandman.  Please listen to him:

 Couldn’t agree more.  Sandman is from Toronto, Canada, but his words still ring true here in the U.S.  No single good-looking female is going to go to church, because they are hot and they think they don’t need God.  That’s why there are no hot babe Christian women, and even those who are somewhat attractive are already married.  You can keep waiting and waiting for some Godly, good-looking maiden to come to your church, plop herself down on the pew next to you, and fall in love, but…it’s not gonna happen!! 

  Back in 2011, an extensive study was published by Stanford University regarding where and how people met their spouses or partners here in the U.S.  The data that was gathered spanned from 1940 to 2010, and here is the telling graph:
    Finding somebody at church was always not that large of a percentage, but now it’s down to literally nothing.  I mean, look at the graph: it’s plummeted to virtually zero!  In fact, almost every way of meeting a spouse/romantic partner has fallen, except for online and restaurants/bars, which have leveled off as of 2010; I imagine now in 2017, those numbers have fallen drastically as well.  Have you ever met a decent female at a bar or restaurant?  I’ve been to dozen upon dozens of them over the past several years and have met or even seen none at all.  And we all know how horrible online dating is.. Click here to view a blog I wrote about what’s left as far as single females are concerned.  So, as you can see, very few people are really meeting anybody anymore, but they sure as heck ain’t meeting them in church!!  If you think that you’re going find somebody at church, the evidence is overwhelmingly not in your favor, both from exhaustive studies and from your personal experience and mine.

  I’ve visited a number of medium-to-large-sized Southern Baptist and Assembly of God churches from Ho-cala to Whorelando to Tampa over the years, and have come up with nothing to show for it in the way of meeting decent women.  And you know it’s the same with you, so stop living in denial.  As Sandman succinctly put it, they’re not there, as they think they don’t need God.  And if they were there, they wouldn’t want you as they would be banging the bad boys outside of church; I’ve known a lot of girls over the years who did that, and you have, too.

   I used to go to a local church and was super-active there for years, and there was a guy there named David who—like most of the young men there—was very single. He was tall, well-built, and slightly attractive, compared to me, who is short, fat, and bald.  He just sat there and kept waiting and waiting for a perfect female to drop from the ceiling and land next to him up in the balcony where he was our light & sound technician.  He had a couple of chances for girls, but he backed out because they weren’t the world’s perfect Christian ladies (hint, guys: there are none anymore).  Waiting and waiting.  Well, David is now past 40, still a virgin, and still sitting there, waiting for a single woman to show up.  Hasn’t happened, and never will happen.  And ditto for you guys as well.
 Back in the day (2003 to 2008, mainly), I hung around over a dozen men around my age here in the north central Florida area who were Christian and single.  Now, the only one I know of who regularly goes to church is poor ol’ David.  Everybody else has left the local churches out of frustration, mainly because of the lack of women and the lack of reasons for them to even remain there.  Why bother going if you’re a third wheel, a leftover, awkwardly sitting there with couples while they incessantly talk about their spouses and kids.  Ugh!  You know full well you don’t belong there anymore, guys.  There’s no place in church for single males our age.  Time to leave.  Start this Sunday.  Seriously, guys.

  Am I saying that you should reject your faith?  No, not at all.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  What I am saying is that there’s no reason or no place for you to be in the houses of worship anymore and it’s only going to get worse as church attendance has been dropping continuously and steadily for over 15 years straight.  Perhaps you and your fellow Christian dudes could just meet in your homes and have your own worship services?  The first Christians did just that…and thrived!  Try it.  Meet at one of your homes or apartments, or even at a picnic table at a park.  Go for it.  Beats sitting in a sanctuary filled with couples and old geezers, listening to a seven-part sermon series on marriage and the family, now doesn’t it?  Admit it: that last sentence struck a nerve, didn’t it?  Been there, done that.  We all have.

  Single Christian men, it’s high time for you to ditch church and give up on finding somebody there.  Pack up and go, for your own good and for your own sake.  You’ll thank me.  I wish you all the best in your journey toward self-awareness. MGTOW!

                                                                                                Very Sincerely,

                                                                                                “Luke Johnstone”

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PPS-Nothing really.  I just wanted to create a PPS.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Single Moms and Memes

Now, gentlemen, I admit that the majority of my blogs involve criticizing young Western females. That’s a given. But there are specialized blogs out there that focus on primarily one or two subjects/topics, and this just happens to be one of them. Heck, there are bloggers that write only about subjects from Japanese Robotech cartoons from the 80s to workplace violence to President Obama’s birth certificate (give it a rest, dude!) to old grocery stores of the past to laptops to lap dogs to lap cats to freaky fetishes like loving black men’s feet (WTF???). So Life in a White Trash Mecca is merely more of a specialized blog page that deals with a few topics, but the main topic usually circles back around to the absolute depravity that is the single young woman. So here, men, is another such post.

As you know, I love me some memes! Here are a few posts I created that feature only memes, and darn good ones, at that:

Once You Go Black...

Willy Wonka!!

More Willy Wonka!!

Some months ago, I came across what I now consider to be the greatest, most truthful, most dead-on, most creative, most brutally honest internet meme I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen thousands of memes online and created quite a few myself. Here it is, in all its creamy goodness and beauty:

OMG! YES! YES!! A hundred times, yes! #savage Just having Grammar Guy aka Correction Guy or Grammar Correction Guy is going to be a trip, a “hoot,” as you would say in the Upper Midwest, now don’cha know? Whoever created this work of art is 100% dead-on. For years, I thought I was the only one who thought this. It’s everything I’ve always thought of, but never could articulate it, and when I did, it would just come across as “just that short, fat, bald dude” spewing out bitterness. With the words put together with pictures, including my hero, Grammar Correction Guy, it’s a sight to behold. Although I’m not much of a Pinterest fan, I still Pin a few things here and there. This meme was one I have, and I’ve gotten loads of people Favoriting and Repinning it. This picture speaks to many people.

Everything that was written on this pic is 100% true of hundreds of thousands of young, single mothers in North America. In fact, it may even be millions now, for all we know. Yes, the horrors that are occurring in the United States that are caused by these women and their demon offspring are astounding, and getting worse every year as the single mom rate is skyrocketing, and not just with black women, who have long been a lost cause. The rampant immorality and godlessness of young single mothers has helped cause a full breakdown of the family, and with it, a breakdown of our morals, values, godliness, and basic civility that once governed our nation from 1776 to around just a few years ago. While all of this cannot be completely ascribed to said women, they—and the Democratic Party—bear a large portion of the absolute dreadfulness they have created.

Speaking of created, I have known dozens upon dozens of women here in the White Trash Mecca of Lake/Marion/Sumter/Citrus Counties that have done almost every single point on this meme, all in that order. I have seen hundreds more in person and online around here that seem to fit the bill of this meme, although I can’t be for sure on every point. One of these points that doesn’t always ring true is part of #1; most women here in Sleazeburg aren’t drunk when they get randomly knocked up. They intentionally wanted to be pregnant at the ripe ol’ age of 18 (the average age for first pregnancies in the Sleazeburg/Diseaseburg area) to any scumbag low-life they met. They are proud of just having a “sperm donor,” as they all call their Baby Daddies (plural, as they have multiple kids from multiple scumbags). One such female who fits the bill of this awesome yet truthfully sad meme is a hot ex-girlfriend of mine, who I will just call “Ho-cala Girl.”

I made this years ago.  Feel free to pass it the STDs the women here have!
After dumping me, then immediately riding the Cock Carousel and then getting and spreading around an STD for a while, Ho-cala Girl, at 20 years old, poor and no education, decided to do what all poor, uneducated women do at that age or usually before: hook up with some random dude and intentionally get knocked up, getting off the birth control she was on since we were together and get preggers by one of the most notoriously scummy and nasty-looking lowlifes in Ocala aka Ho-cala. I mean, fugly and lazy and already knocked up a girl and wouldn’t pay child support. Well, Ho-cala Girl decided this was the perfect guy to be her “sperm donor!” Yes, she nonchalantly referred to him as that. But I don’t at all believe she was drunk when she, ummm…copulated. Most females around here are not when they get knocked up as they do so intentionally as young as they can and with the worst guys they can. So knock off #1. Lets go through the rest:

#2 You fucked a douchebag/loser without protection. Check! Ho-cala Girl intentionally got off birth control but didn’t tell the douchebag/loser, so they started having sex without condoms because he thought she was on the Pill. Nope! She just had to get pregnant as
soon as possible, so that she did.

#3. You got pregnant and refused to have an abortion. Check! Women in the White Trash Mecca won’t have abortions. They think they have to have the out-of-wedlock babies and that abortion is morally wrong. Yet, these sluts think that fucking any random lowlife they come across and riding the Cock Carousel is the perfectly moral and decent thing to do. Just as long as they don’t have an abortion! Heaven forbid!

#4. You pooped out the kid. Check! No father around, no husband, child has the mother’s last name, just like all those black kids born in the ghettos.

#5. You moved in with the broke-ass dad. Actually, it was the other way around. The broke-ass dad moved in with her almost immediately after they started fucking, which was immediately after they met. He was so broke that my uneducated, working-class ex-girlfriend had to foot his bills and give him a place to live. But once Ho-cala Girl got preggers, she kicked him out. She got exactly what she wanted—to quickly get knocked up—so his services weren’t needed anymore. The sperm donation did its job.

#6. You couldn’t stand each others guts, so you broke up with him after six months. They broke up after less than six weeks, not six months. No joke.

#7. You now hate your life and the fact you can’t go out to party anymore. Check!

#8. You tell everyone on Facebook how amazing your life is with your kid (who has an insanely stupid name, such as Nevaeh, Grace, Bentley, or Aidani). Check! Although I’ve only glanced at her FB a few times since Ho-cala Girl squirted out her illegitimate baby, her Feed is filled with pics of her and her kid constantly, as well as how much she just loves her out-of-wedlock child. The other pics are all her trashy-assed tattoos that she splatters all over herself on a regular basis; when we were together, she had none, and I refused to let her get any. And as far as those stupid names? Check! One of those names is her kid. I shit you not.

#9. Your kid is growing up to be as stupid and ill-mannered as you are. Not quite sure, as she’s had no contact with me for years, but seeing that the overwhelming majority of single mothers are horrible parents, and seeing that the overwhelming majority of kids raised by single mothers are horrible kids, I’m going to put that into the “Check!” category.

#10. You are no looking for a rich man to support you and your kid, so you can continue doing nothing and start partying again. Check! Ho-cala Girl is dating up with every guy she bangs, because men in the White Trash Mecca are so desperate and thirsty and there’s nothing decent of any kind for these guys, even good-looking, tall guys. Ho-cala Girl just recently got a college degree (five years later than she would have if she had gone to the University of Florida like she was planning on after high school graduation), a degree paid for by taxpayers, along with all her welfare, WIC and Medicaid/Obamacare. But I can guarantee you that my exgf is dating up just to get a simp, a sucker, to take care of her and her kid. Here’s an excellent blog I wrote about simps: Simps, Simps and More Simps

Whoever made this meme, I would like to congratulate. As in, I would literally like to shake this guy’s hand and talk with him about this issue that he laid bare so well, and I would love to tell him how important this internet picture is to me. So if you guys know this person, direct him to this blog and tell him I am in his debt. I’m sure that many of you men reading this blog can relate to this meme, as well as my own personal story regarding this particular ex-girlfriend of mine. I can guarantee a lot of you guys have seen or heard about this same shit happening not only with exes, but with other females you know. Here in the White Trash Mecca, I see and hear about this constantly with almost every woman around. Please share this meme anywhere you can, guys!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ah, the White Knights! Hilarity ensues!

I have written blogs about Captain Sav-a-Ho’s, and I have written blogs about simps. Both of those inconveniently darkened links will take you to two widely-read and social media-shared blog posts I’ve made about these topics. While I lightly touched on the subject of White Knights in both blogs, I mainly just want to showcase two glaring examples of White Knighting that I recently came across to demonstrate these pathetic excuses for males.

Urban Dictionary terms White Knights as “a male that treats woman as goddesses and does nothing but shower then in compliments on how wonderful and beautiful and special they are.” Yep, that’s pretty much it. Pussy-whipped manginas who protect women who do not at all deserve to be protected, and they do this in hopes that they will score brownie points with not just the females that they are protecting, but any female who sees or hears about the White Knighting. The majority of White Knights can be found online, from countless internet forums to social media outlets from Instagram to Facebook and especially Tumblr and Twitter. Every day in every way, young men take up the challenge of kissing the cellulite-and-stretchmark-ridden asses of Western women. These girls and women are almost always bringing judgment, condemnation, and contempt on themselves by their ribald behavior, and when they are called out on said behavior, these dudes swoop in to twist themselves into pretzels trying to shelter women from any criticism, no matter how deserved the criticism is. They used to just type things like “Leave her alone!” or my favorite, “Leave her alone…or else!” Or else what? Hahahahaha!!

Now these weenies go into details about how evil all men are who do not grovel and kiss the asses of women; they bring out the stereotypical feminist mush and idiocy of “patriarchy” and “misogyny” among other turd-like bunk, then wait on the sidelines with baited breath, hoping the bitch they just stood for will say, “Gasp! Thou protected my wholesomeness and honor and pride! For that, young squire, thou shalt be invited to fornicate with me and thy seed shall be thrust inside me as a token of my unyielding gratititude!” Yeeaaaahhh, can you guess the number of women who have actually done that?

One guess.

Guess. Go ahead.

Did you guess…ZERO??? You would be right!

Yet, these manginas just keep pecking away on their keyboards, whether on their PC or laptop, or their smartphones or Tablets or iPads. Peck, peck, peck. Anytime a whore is criticized for being a whore, here come the White Knights. Peck, peck and more peck. Donning their shining armor, they must defend the non-existent honor of females who have never had honor or dignity in their lives. If they’re lucky—and that’s a big IF—the slut being protected or some random female who reads the comments from the White Knight will say, “Awwwwe, thanks” or “Totes, bae” or some other insincere, throwaway statement and…that’s it.

The general consensus about White Knights is that these losers do this simply because they inexplicably believe that doing so will get them laid, somehow, someway. Never happens, of course, and never will. There is one alternate theory that came about two years ago on Return of Kings by Jeremy Jacobs. Here’s the link, and the title is aptly named An Alternate Theory of White Knights:. Basically, the author theorizes that men who were unfortunately raised by single mothers (ugh!) have been programmed by them to always protect the female gender, no matter how the female gender acts. It’s a brainwashed, Pavlonian Dog-type situation with these guys. Their awful unwed moms told their own sons to hate masculine men and idolize feminist women, any feminist woman, which is now the vast majority of women, apparently. I think there is definitely a contingent of these kinds of White Knights—I really do—but there are still many, many guys who White Knight simply in desperation of getting poon…that they never get, no matter how much of a fool they make themselves out to be.

Now, I bring your attention to two instances of White Knights online, and whether these two wimps did this because of simping for sex or because of how their mothers raised them, is up in the air. No clue. But they are pathetic White Knights regardless.

First, an Instagram photo from a 13-year-old Australian girl named Bonnie-Lou Coffey. She and her older sisters, Ellie-Jean, Holly-Sue and Ruby-Lee, are Aussie surfer chicks who are only moderately good at surfing as well as only moderately attractive, although they are will openly say that they think they are perfect in every way. Like all females on IG, these intellectually vapid blondes post pics just for attention and Likes and followers, nothing more; the Coffey’s basically are the Kardashian’s of Australia. Well, more and more girls Bonnie-Lou’s age and even younger (like even 12 years old!) from Hawaii, California and Australia are starting to wear thong bikinis on the beach, at the pool, and even walking around parks and on the sidewalks, and take loads of IG photos of their bare butts; in fact, their parents sometimes hire adult male photographers to take photos of their daughter’s bethonged ass cheeks, or the parents take the pics themselves and the girls then post them all over IG. Yes, hundreds—possibly thousands—of pre-teen and barely-teen girls running around in public wearing thong bikinis—almost all of them from Hawaii, but some from The Land Down Under and a few some Cali—all with their parents’ full blessing. Now, if I had a daughter that age, I honestly wouldn’t mind her wearing thongs like that around the pool or the beach with her girl friends, but I or she sure as hell ain’t getting some creepy photographer dude taking pics of her ass and posting them all over social media!! I have a fake IG profile of a hot teen girl, so I add these girls and view their pictures as the girls think that I’m a hot girl. It’s all for research, folks! All for research! Ahem…ummm…anyway…*whistles nonchalantly*

Bonnie-Lou posted a very skimpy pic of her in a see-through bikini top recently:

The sisters are all cute, but their voices and accents are soooooooo grating and ugly.

It was fairly risqué for Instagram and very risqué for a 13-year-old girl. Several people—most of them women, believe it or not—commented on the pic that it was a bit too revealing for such a young girl, and then Bonnie’s sister, Ellie, went on a stereotypical liberal woman rampage, one of many in Australia, an entire nation that has been fully enveloped in man-hating feminism:

Oh, so much feminist double-talk! So much left-wing gobbledygook! So many buzz words when sluts get called out for being sluts. All these Coffey girls have probably been fucking since they were 11! Ah, just in time to save the fair Aussie maiden, here comes the White Knight! En garde!

Oh, please! Give me a break, you mangina! Some adult man playing the concerned male who is here to protect the not-so-honorable Coffey Whores. What a friggen pussy! Speaking of pussy, this mangina probably busted a nut when he actually got a crumb of attention from a fellow feminist, thinking it would lead to him getting laid:

That’s all he's going to get! Sorry, wimp, you ain’t getting any from being Mr. Shining Armor. Now, another example, this time on YouTube. Some annoying Hispanic bitch nicknamed “Jotce80” uploaded a video of her Uber driver acting like a really, really angry asshole who does not need to be driving for Uber. But as can be seen in the video, this bitch baits him and prods him and teases him just to get a reaction:

Typical Millennial, typical Democrat, typical minority. Always trying to start shit. Always trying to pick fights. Always trying to make people feel bad for them. Always trying to play the victim. Always trying to find grounds for a lawsuit. This Jotce80 and her annoying Latina accent was a real cunt with her obnoxious passive-aggressive behavior, and the video she posted received an overwhelming majority of Dislikes (16k to 1k) and a massive amount of very negative comments; in fact, about 95% of the comments on her YT video were negative, including numerous comments from fellow women, many of whom called her a "cunt."
With all the people upset at this bitch, here comes the White Knight:

Sheeeeeeesh! Well, this asshat got a reply, and it’s the exact kind of reply every guy should post when the White Knight starts defending the indefensible actions of a bitch:

NICE!! And that’s what you guys need to do. CALL THEM OUT!! Call them out on their White Knighting! Call them what they are, and these guys will slither away, and nobody ever comes to their defense, including the females they are so bound and determined to defend. If I hadn’t been on my fake Instagram profile (again, just researching!), I would have called that weenie out who White Knighted for Bonnie-Lou Coffey. Call White Knights out, guys! If you see it online, respond to it!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

I’m all Abuzz about the Babylon Bee!

Many months ago, I posted a well-read blog entitled "Rachel Held Evans, Episcopalians, and Millennials. Oh, my!". It dealt with how the Left and Cultural Marxists have overtaken segments of Christianity, particularly Mainline Protestant denominations like most Methodists, some Presbyterians and all Episcopalians. Well, now, finally, there is an awesome website that pokes fun of the cultural wars going on in the churches, and it’s written by Christians. And I love it much!

Although I am not really a practicing Christian, I still come from a fairly Evangelical, Christian Conservative background, so I side with those people and agree with much—but not all—of their morals and values and some of their faith. That faith is under constant attack from the liberals, and that vociferous attacking has gotten much worse in the past several years, mostly notably since 2009, when the most anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, far-left Marxist president took office here in the United States. From Christian bakers having their businesses shut down and their lives threatened by countless thousands upon thousands upon thousands of gays and their left-wing (((handlers))) simply for being a bit uncomfortable about catering a gay wedding, to people being thrown in jail for standing for Godly principles to climatologists officially proclaiming that Christians should be imprisoned if they do not bow down and worship the new god of scientists and progressives, the Almighty Climate Change. And this is just what’s happening nationwide in everyday life, not even including online. On people’s internet life, Christians are lashed, bashed, lectured, ridiculed, threatened and doxed simply for having a faith and values system that has been practiced by literally billions of people around worldwide for 2,000 years. Almost all internet articles, comments and forums dealing with faith are decidedly anti-Christian, but there is a glimmer of hope.

One glimmer. And it’s the Babylon Bee!

Think of the brilliant satire news site, The Onion. And now take away all the profanity and the blatant anti-conservative, anti-Christian articles that have permeated The Onion since its inception. There you have The Babylon Bee. It’s being called “The Onion for Christians.” Keep in mind that The Onion is from the Wisconsin/Minnesota area, where there are no Christian Conservatives of any kind, just atheists, liberals/socialists/Marxists and Muslim extremists, so many of the latter now that the FBI has stated that Minneapolis/St. Paul has “an ISIS problem.” (their words, not mine). So naturally, The Onion will have an open slant against anything on the Right. Not the Babylon Bee! Satire for real Christians, by real Christians. Finally! And it’s good. Really good.

The Babylon Bee is the brainchild of Adam Ford aka Adam4d, who writes Christian comics, some I like, some I’m not too crazy about. He and his team of writers—which include submissions by writers who are fans of the site—dish out fake news story after fake news story, some funny, some sad, all satire. Mostly, Adam4d and his writers poke fun at the phony Evangelical Christians: “healing” and “Prosperity Gospel” televangelists and their moronic followers, as well as mega-churches and hypocritical Christian bands and groups. Almost every single story published on their website and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages is dead-on when it comes to their criticism and satire of them, and badly-needed in an age where there is no discernment going on, it seems. The Bee also lets loose on the Mainline Protestants aforementioned, and for good reasons; those pathetic, dying denominations have become an albatross around the necks of any real Evangelical. The Bee exposes them and their Social Justice Warrior stands, as well as their militant pro-gay extremism, pro-abortion, pro-feminism, anti-white, anti-male, unholy political stances. Politically, Babylon Bee makes fun of both major presidential candidates—as well they should—but reserve the most savage articles for Hillary Clinton, again, for good reason.

Because of all of this, those “Progressive Christians” are enraged over the Babylon Bee. All of them are Methodist or Episcopalian, which is no surprise, seeing how unbiblical those Mainline Protestant denominations are nowadays. For some reason, these Social Gospel adherents assumed that this website was going to be about bashing Evangelicals and Christian Conservatives; I suppose since all other religious sites are like that (namely Relevant Magazine and HuffPo Religion), these ex-hippies, hipster Millennials and pseudo-Christians thought they were going to enjoy yet another Internet page aimed at humiliating and scourging those of Godly faith. Well, they sure were wrong! They had another thing coming, and then some! On the Bee’s Facebook page, after any controversial fake article published that “offends” their thin skin and violates their “safe space,” a hoard of the Mainline members say things like, “The Babylon Bee should stop writing about politics! My lesbian, feminist minister is offended and I’m unfollowing!”

K, bye! See ya! Peace! Deuces! Toodles!

For every leftist that stops following the Bee on Facebook, ten good people start following. The FB page has well over 110,000 Likes so far, and it’s only been around for a few months. When it comes to Evangelical Christian pages, that’s a huge number, because most Christian sites can barely get a few thousand Likes after years of being around. The number of Likes and followers is rising significantly every single day on both their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and that’s not even including their main webpage.

So if you like funny and totally spot-on social satire from a decidedly Christian viewpoint, then please check out, Like and follow The Babylon Bee! It’ll pollinate your soul, creating delicious honey for your life, even though sometimes it might sting. Now I’m going to buzz out of here, because I’ve run out of puns. Here are the links to the website and its Facebook counterpart:

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Little Advice for Single Guys 18 to 40

Gentlemen, if you’re reading my blogs (and I really hope you are), then you hopefully are a single man aged 18 to 40 or you at least know a lot of single men 18 to 40. Who doesn’t know single men my age or younger? Heck, you can’t walk down the street nowadays without bumping into at least a few within a couple of blocks, and the larger the city, the more you’ll bump into on said city block. At 35 years old, I’ve seen, heard and read quite a lot about the plight of the single man in North America and western parts of Europe, so I give to you some segments of advice, the kind of tips and instruction and information that you might not otherwise hear or read about. You’re not going to see this kind of stuff on GQ or Esquire! You won’t even see this on Return of Kings, as good as half those articles on ROK may be (the other half now are just Trump-loving and “Game” brag & boast blogs). So here are a few points I’d really like you guys to ponder on seriously. These points are mainly for U.S. and Canadian men my age or younger or a bit older; not at all to belittle the plight of males in other nations and continents that are reading this (and I know I have many, many readers from South America, Australia and Europe that I am thankful for), but this is first-hand experience and knowledge I know living here in North America.

These words of wisdom are also meant for regular guys like me, Average Joes, so to speak. If you’re a 400-pound guy wearing a trilby hat (a fake fedora), watching anime and playing video games all day, then this isn’t for you. At all.

If by "swag," you mean an upcoming massive heart attack, then yes.  Yes, you do.

Losers: Assemble!

In fact, this entire blog page of mine isn’t for you guys. Sorry about your Asperger’s. This is just for the regular, run-of-the-mill guys who can’t find anybody, whether it be because of the incredible lack of women now, the hypergamy and ultra-feminism of today’s females, or that you aren’t deemed attractive enough for today’s uber-hypergamous women and their ridiculously high standards…or a combination of two of those, or in my case, all three. So with that said, read on!

1. There are many, many men like you who can’t find somebody!

I know sometimes it seems that you’re the only guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend, the only guy who isn’t getting laid. You always heard about all the bullies and jocks (same difference) in high school banging all the slutty cheerleaders. Heck, you even heard about the tuba girl in the marching band getting it on with the leader of the AV Club! In college, every douchebag frat boy was fucking every single sorority slut. Yet there you were, Forever Alone, and you thought that everybody was with somebody. WRONG!! There are loads and loads of white and Asian men our age who go day after day, week after week, month after month, and yes, even year after year without somebody; I’ve gone 2 ½ years now without sex, not even so much as a BJ. I would say that there are literally hundreds of thousands of men in the 20s and 30s and a bit younger and older in North America who are in the same boat as you and I are. Many in MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) believe in the “80/20 Rule,” which deems that 80% of the women are having sex with 20% of the men, the Alpha Male badboys. That leaves 80 percent of men fighting over just 20 percent of women; take away the 20% of men who then get those girls, and that leaves a staggering 60% of males in the United States and Canada going without a girl on a regular-to-continuous basis. Yeah, that’s a lot. A LOT. And that’s why you, sir, are not the only guy without a girlfriend.

2. There are absolutely no women who can’t find somebody!

This big blob has hundreds of thirsty men after her.  And you have how many women after you?
No matter how fat, no matter how ugly, no matter how stinky and sloppy and dirty-looking and disease-ridden and revolting a white woman our age is, she can nab a guy, almost any guy, at any time, nowadays. It used to not be like this at all, but it is now. I shall one day blog about why this has happened. But 100% of white, Hispanic and Asian women (black women refuse to date outside their race so they don’t even count)—no matter how low they are on the Sexual Market Value scale—are in constant, overwhelming demand by thirsty, simping males and usually only go less than a full day between boyfriends, if even that. This is how it is here in the White Trash Mecca and from what I’ve heard some guys say, I’m assuming it’s like this nation and even continent-wide.

3. Try to seek out those single men I mentioned in #1.

Some are MGTOW, and out of that group, some choose to drop women like a bad habit and others simply are MGTOW because of not being able to find any woman. Then there are the True Forced Loneliness (TFL) dudes who would be classified as that second part of guys in MGTOW, except that those in TFL constantly whine and moan and complain about being alone. Well, don’t be a TFL dude. Find other guys who, even though they may be single and unwanted, aren’t always crying over it and are just going to go their own way. Try to find these guys and hopefully network and fellowship with them, either online or hopefully in person. Remember, there are possibly hundreds of thousands of them here, so you’re bound to meet men who are like you in many ways. Strength in numbers. Nothing better than being around fellow single guys!

4. There are no single women 18 to 40 that are worth going for anymore.

This ties in to #2. Also, I wrote an excellent blog in which I detail this point a lot, and here it is. Click me! That blog pretty much says it all, but I will just sum up Point #4 by saying to just trust me on this. Trust me.

5. There’s no such thing as a “pity fuck” anymore.

Perhaps there used to be a time when women did that, but not anymore. I tried and tried for years to drop hints and extract sympathy from females, hoping that one of them would think, “Poor guy. He needs a good lay to boost his confidence, and I’m just the gal to do that.” Number of Pity Fucks I got? Zero. Women now have so many males to choose from and with hypergamy, they don’t have to “settle” for guys who aren’t getting any; all they do is sneer at such men and turn their noses. So don’t think for a minute that some damsel will put out for you to make you feel better. It won’t ever happen. Never ever.

6. “Just be yourself” simply doesn’t work nowadays, sorry.

Females always say this bullshit and they don’t really mean it. If they did, then they would appreciate you being yourself and would want to hit the sheets with you. They’re not, are they? I’ll answer that for you: NOPE! “Just be yourself” is a cop-out phrase to get guys off their backs and to try to end the conversation if you’re asking how to get women to notice and like you. Western females are not looking for a great personality and sincerity. In fact, they’re not even looking for a perfect smile. Or stability. Or intelligence. Or talents and abilities. I have all of that and more and can’t nab anyone. They’re only looking for super-tall, super-hot (for today’s nonsensical standards) and usually, super-loaded. If you’re not any of those three, then “being yourself” ain’t gonna cut it, guys. Learn to live with this ounce of verity.

7. (Optional) If you are horny enough, try other genders!

I mentioned in my last blog (it's right here!) that I’m pansexual. I’ll take most women, many male-to-female transgenders, and a few gay or bi men. That way, I can at least broaden my horizons and have more options for sex. Of course, even being pan hasn’t helped me, either. But I’m just saying that if you think that you are in such dire need of getting laid, consider trying trans or gay or bi. Heaven knows there are enough men around, many, many more than the United States could ever want or need. Just throwing out that possibility; if you don’t like it, you can throw it right back. But please do heed and give great attention to the other six points. Go MGTOW!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

MGTOW and Being 35

Men, a year ago, I posted a blog called MGTOW and Being 34 (click the link and read it). Well, here it is a year later and a year older. At 35 years of age, I’m still the same as I was last year: short, fat, bald, and obviously single. That of course isn’t going to change, or at least the short, bald and single part isn’t going to. I’m just as MGTOW as I was a year ago when I really started taking the Red Pill, as distressing as it was to take it. But as I wrote about in last year’s blog, the Red Pill and MGTOW is still just as strong as it was in ‘15, perhaps even more so as I read more and more online articles from various Manosphere sites and MGTOW YouTube videos, which you guys should all do as well. You really should. It’ll open your eyes and mind to the stark reality of how all Western women are.

In a way, though, it’s not just British, American and Canadian women who are the only bad ones. There are some from other nations and cultures as well, just not as many and not as extensive. Case in point is something that happened to me recently as a good-looking young woman from the Philippines suddenly added me on Facebook. Now, guys, if you’re short, fat and bald, NO female that is even a 1 or 2 will add you on Facebook or Instagram unless it is either just a spammer or some gold-digger just looking for a sugar daddy. Well, the latter is exactly what this woman was. Her name is Leen (she’s changed her alias since) and she has a hot body, one that I would love to lick, suck and fuck from neck to toe. Great ass and decent boobs, for an Asian-esque girl, too, as they usually have flat chests and even flatter asses. But Leen was lean all right, curves and all. For me, she was a 6 or 7, but for most guys, she would probably be considered a 3 or 4. My standards are low and get lower every month. Even a 3 or 4 is still out of my league with North American women and how hot they think they are, so Leen was a real catch for a guy like me.

Anyway, Leen randomly added me on FB and we talked a bit on Messenger here and there and she tried calling me on Messenger twice, but I denied the calls, just saying I was very busy. I knew that she was just trying to get an American husband to bring her overseas so she could get away from her life of low-wage jobs and lack of men (here, it’s a mind-boggling, suffocating overabundance of men but still the low-wage jobs), so I just played it light, Liking and commenting on her hot pictures and we would talk some sexy talk every now and then. Leen had numerous American men on her friend’s list, so I knew that she was just playing the field, trying to nab a sucker to give her money and a life out of a dead-end job on the Philippine Islands. Then, one day, she posted that she was in an “open relationship” (she didn’t understand what that really means, as she commented that she was looking for somebody when somebody asked what she meant), and soon after, she blocked me. Didn’t just unfriend me, she blocked me! All because I didn’t fall for her bait. She wasn’t satisfied with just a friendship. I was nice and we had good talks and all that, but Leen just wanted a sugar daddy. Well, I’m poor, independent and MGTOW, so it sure as hell ain’t gonna be me, you needy Filipina leech! Go find another American sucker, a simp. Speaking of simps, here’s an excellent blog I posted about them: Simps, Simps and More Simps.

So that was the closest thing I’ve had in years to a girl actually possibly wanting me, albeit just to take advantage of me, which shows that it’s even some non-Western females who act like that sometimes, just as many bloggers have reiterated.

Now, I must tell you that over the years of being ignored and mistreated by women, I have become not just bi-sexual, but pansexual, meaning I am sexually attracted to men, women and transgender. I am most attracted to women, followed pretty closely by male-to-female trans (particularly with breast implants but still with male genitalia), and then attracted to only a small number of men, and the ones that I like would not be the kind that I could ever get and I would be just as ignored as I am with the women. Of course, even the manliest, hairiest, grossest-looking transexual around is in such high demand now by fetishists and thirsty men that I stand no chance of ever hooking up with a good-looking one, and so many of them are just as overly picky as gay men, and I wouldn’t be comfortable being around the flamboyant, in-your-face and attention-whoring (and annoying) LGBT way of life, anyway. I honestly love trans women so much that I would want to pursue a full-out relationship with one, not just a casual hook-up. So, I am pansexual, but will never get the opportunity to go beyond being just “pan-curious,” despite badly wanting to be with m2f transgenders and gay men. The way I’ve long looked at it, the more I open my options to sex partners, the more of a chance I would have of getting laid more. Well, that sure as hell hasn’t worked for me, has it?!

However, one and only one major chance to hook up with a great-looking gay man occurred with me a few months ago. Some thin, good-looking 19-year-old college guy in Tampa was looking for men on Instagram and found me and saw that I lived fairly close to his boyfriend, who was also short and bald, and this kid wanted to have a “daddy” on the side, which I was totally for; I’m a strong believer in cheating. He immediately sent me nude photos, and his body and butt and dick were gorgeous! I looked him up extensively online, and he was the real deal, legit. I wanted him badly, and he was actually wanting to come to my house and have sex with me right before he spent the weekend at his bf’s, but it just didn’t work out that night. A few days later on Snapchat, he didn’t like something I did on there and pretty much broke it off with me, but not before wanting to see my penis. Obviously, he was a Size Queen as so, so many gay guys are, so if my dick hadn’t been just barely average, he probably would have still wanted me. So that was the only other close call I had with finally getting some, this time with a man. More and more men in MGTOW are becoming gay, bi, or pan, and all for understandable reasons.

I haven’t gotten laid in 2 ½ years now, and, although I’m still a horndog, I’m not as much as I was before, and not even as much as I was at last year’s blog. I don’t know if my hormones are unfortunately changing as I grow older or if I’m just so tired of today’s women that I don’t even get much sexual attraction to them anymore; I honestly don’t know. I masturbate to porn (usually softcore or just nudity) every night or every other night, but I just don’t have the out-of-control sexual urges anymore. I think some of it just has to do with long being rejected by 100% of the female gender—even the ugly, fat ones—that I’ve just shut down that part of my life and I’m focusing on other things, namely work, friends and working out a bit more. I see men all around me making horrible, devastating decisions when it comes to all these whores, and it makes me even more repulsed at women and relationships. A real man in MGTOW sees females how they really are and stays away from them any time and any way they can, unless it’s just to get some pussy for a bit and then that’s it. I greatly encourage all of you men to do the same. If you’re under 35 and still haven’t taken the Red Pill, you most certainly will by my age. And when you do, you’ll want to be MGTOW. Trust me. I’m 35, and I can’t imagine wanting a female for anything but a semi-regular booty call, and that’s it. I haven’t had semi-regular booty calls since Thanksgiving of ’13, but if given a chance to have it, I would. But that’s it. Hopefully, many of you guys feel the same way.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Simps, Simps and More Simps

Now, guys, I know that I’m—shall we say—highly critical of young women nowadays. That’s a given. However, there is a lot of blame for how women act that can be directly attributed to the men who grovel and pine for them and make absolute fools of themselves in the process. Blame is directed where it is due, and often, it’s the fault of the male. Last year, I wrote a wondrous and well-read blog entitled Captain Sav-a-Ho to the Rescue and you really need to read it. Seriously, click the darkened link before you read this current post, because it explains a good deal of what I’m about to talk about: the “simp.”

A good acronym for a simp that has been going around in the past few years is “Suckers Idolizing Mediocre Pussy.” Great definition and very self-explanatory. It seems that the term is used a whole lot with African-American dudes, which is strange, seeing that most black men now have a never-ending smorgasbord of females to bang, all ages, all races, so why are they even bothered with simps? No matter, because many of us white guys are bothered by them just as much. Although men of all races are rightly and justifiably disgusted by the acts of simps, more and more men (if you can even call them men) are going that pitiful, humiliating route, and it’s really a goddamn shame.

So what exactly is a simp? Glad you asked! Urbandictionary has many decent defs of it, but some of them are outdated as the term has changed from what it meant six to ten years ago. In the past five years or so, it has been used mainly to denote a guy who chases after females that do not at all deserve to be chased after, females who have kids, are used-up and stretched-out, are fat, are useless, are just teases, or have various other pieces of baggage that she has to claim at the Airport of Bad Choices. In other words, the vast majority of Western women now! These women have no real value other than they have a vagina and…that’s about it. A well-used vagina, one that has endured quite a number of babies and a much larger number of men’s penises, tongues, fingers and fists. Yet these women have a never-ending carousel of desperate, horny, uber-thirsty males begging for them at all hours of the day, both online and in person.

Now, sometimes, the woman is actually good-looking and has no kids (I know, a rarity), but the guy still makes an utter fool of himself in either trying to woo her over or keep her if he actually has her in a relationship. He does this only because she is hot. Hot women never have any personality or other redeeming qualities of any kind; they simply are hot.

Regardless of whether the females are hot or not, the guys who are simps still act like complete fools. They grovel and pine and beg for the attention and approval of these women, yet rarely or never get anything in return. They pay for women’s drinks at a bar, they buy flowers or other gifts for them, they leave comments on women’s various social media sites (mainly Instagram now), saying things like “you’re so hot” or “hottest woman I’ve ever seen” or “so sexy” or even…wait for it…“please, please date me!” Of course, there is almost never, ever a response from the woman, and if there is, it’s “awwweee, thanks,” aka “return to the Friendzone that you tried to slither away from.”

Simps also leave these same comments on slutty model wannabes pics on IG, along with sometimes hundreds of other losers who are saying the same thing. Every picture these whores and “thots” post is filled with such comments and even worse. Simps actually think that these women will pick out their comment and say, “Gasp! Nobody’s ever told me I have a nice rack! I must fuck one of the dozens of guys who said that!” I really need to blog about the Thirst Traps of Instagram. Maybe soon?

These simps think that woman are all damsels in distress, sweet, innocent princesses who are just waiting to be rescued. These guys are always White Knights and sometimes go so far as to be Captain Sav-a-Ho’s. They think that by acting this way, they will get the girl. Rarely does it work, but here is once such instance of a simp and Captain Sav-a-Ho just by a cursory Facebook search:

Two very young half-black kids from two different black fathers…and this white simp pretends to like them just so he can hook up with a trashy slut and get very infrequent sex. Lowering himself to the gutter, putting pussy over pride, vagina over values, sex over self-respect. No guy who isn’t a pussy-begging simp would even consider letting some trash with two freshly-squirted-out kids into his life, let alone shacking up with one and helping pay all her bills! I love how he is trying to look like he’s actually interested in raising these illegitimate half-breed kids that aren’t his own, but he’s obviously faking it.

But here comes the rub: this is just one of loads and loads of such guys (not men, just guys) who are simping. These photos are the very tip of the iceberg here in the White Trash Mecca and other places. Look on Facebook or—back in the day—Myspace, and you see tons of guys like this. You see this repeated en masse, some even in worse situations. I mean, we’re talking four kids from four different baby daddies, the woman is unemployed, fat, smelly and has a criminal history. Yet men—black, white and Latino—simp it up with these women, and these females never go more than a few days—sometimes just hours—without countless thirsty simps after them. No matter how gross or slovenly or useless the female is, they have an entourage of thirsty males pleading for them. No female ever has to worry about being alone or not having a pussy-whipped mangina take care of them, because there are so many such pussies out there now.

Here’s a perfect example. I know this hot young piece of ass I’ll just call “Hot Ass” because her booty is incredible and probably tastes like nutmeg and cloves) who is half-black/half-white; her parents, like all interracial relationships here in the White Trash Mecca, was black daddy/white momma (black women refuse to date white guys). The mother ended up killing the father, which is usually the other way around in said interracial relationships. Hot Ass has two kids from two different drug-dealing black guys and both guys are in prison for felonies! The black guy she is with now is almost twice her age and Hot Ass basically admits that she is just using him for money to help pay for her two out-of-wedlock kids from different baby daddies. So a dude will actually simp it up, be a Sav-a-Ho, and let a woman with loads of baggage and tons of poor life choices shack up with him and spend his money and drive his ghetto-looking car, just to say he’s getting sex from a piece of ass? You can’t make this stuff up, guys. The simp is real. Simp. Just. Happened. And it happens every friggen day.

Still aren’t convinced that simping is absolutely cringe-worthy? Still not??? I’ll tell you about a co-worker of mine who I will call “Dumb Ass.” He’s several years younger than me and just as short, yet was actually able to get a long-time girlfriend, which is rare that any guy under 6’2” even gets dates nowadays. However, like all women, she started to go after the taller bad boys and dumped Dumb Ass’s ass, but not before banging a bunch of redneck scumbags in Pasco County (major redneck hotbed on the Gulf Coast). Dumb Ass thought that maybe he got her knocked up in a drunken sex session just before the slut dumped him and while she was fucking the tall bad boys, but he couldn’t be for sure. The bimbo had a miscarriage, which is very rare that sluts have miscarriages around here as they always squirt out their terrible babies. Well, Dumb Ass decided that he needed to call off work (when he was in dire need of being there) so he could zip off all the way to Pasco County and “console” his cheating, lying, whore ex-girlfriend all night, just because it might—MIGHT—have been his baby. Might! This is one of those trailer trash instances where Maury would have to be called in to do a paternity test just to see who the dad was. Yet Dumb Ass called in sick for work to go be by the side of a typical local whore and get nothing in return. Now that is major simpage!! I honestly don’t think there is any intervention that can take place with Dumb Ass or guys like him. And there seem to be many, many guys like him nowadays.

This comes to the part that you knew was coming if you read >Captain Sav-a-Ho to the Rescue.
Guys, seriously. Don’t be like that!! DON’T! You owe these whores nothing. They will do nothing for you but rob you blind. To lower yourself to their level, to simp and beg and pine and grovel for half-way decent pussy (if even that), isn’t worth degrading yourself like that. And what degradation that is! No female in North America is worth giving them your hard-earned money, your home, your car, your time, your undivided attention, especially not these bimbos with baggage. Too many losers are doing this and they soon end up having their entire livelihoods squandered on whores who use and abuse them. These females are just looking for somebody to take care of them and their kids, if they have them (and most do). They are incapable of love, incapable of fidelity, incapable of empathy, incapable of making right choices in their lives. The only things simps can say is, “Well, at least I can say I have a girlfiend/wife. I get some sex sometimes,” That’s all. Just to say they have somebody. Just to get a little bit of pussy, which soon ends once the woman starts fucking the bad boys while you’re working your ass off for her and her demon offspring. Just to tell people that you’re in a relationship. That’s all. Wow. Is it worth it? Take it from my personal experience; I used to simp a bit here and there years ago, and didn’t get much in return, and what I got wasn’t worth the simping at all. There are far too many simps out there who are doing all of this. We don’t need any more simps, guys!! MGTOW!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

“Paging Dr. Ramkissoon.”

Last year, I posted two well-read blogs about three separate young women whose behavior as human beings was just repulsive. First, a blog about Casey Dockett, then one about Britt McHenry and Alicia Lynch. Well, there’s yet another American female to show her true colors for all the world to see, and it’s…

Anjali Ramkissoon. Doctor Anjali Ramkissoon. A 30 year-old fourth-year neurology residency student in Miami, just months away from officially getting her license to independently practice medicine here in Florida. As many of you have probably already seen, Dr. Ramkissoon decided to go on a vicious tangent just last week in Miami. Here’s the video, and honestly, it’s hard to watch:

The gist of it is this: Dr. Ramkissoon (of Trinidad and Indian heritige) did some hot girl Miami partying and arranged for an Uber driver to come pick her up. Somebody else had requested an Uber before her and when their cab arrived, Ramkissoon decided to butt in and demand that she be given this ride instead of the one she hailed for. The driver attempted to block her from getting in his car, to which Anjali decided to mock and deride the poor guy, then tried to swing at him and even kneed him in the groin area. When able to break away from the Uber driver, the little diva took his keys and locked herself in his car, and then proceeded to throw out loads of paperwork, receipts, bills, an iPhone, and other personal belongings, all the while mocking the hapless driver as people called the police. Cops arrived, and Ramkissoon suddenly pulled the “poor sweet, innocent girl” to them; amazingly, the Uber driver didn’t press charges, which he really should have.

The whole crazy incident was filmed by the person who originally hailed for an Uber and he uploaded the video to YouTube that very night. Almost instantly, it went viral, very viral, and it caught the attention of all the local news outlets and then various websites nationwide, and—because Ramkisoon’s family is of Indian heritage—it got lots of press in India as well. Dr. Ramkissoon has been placed on temporary leave at her hospital of recidency, and given the incredible amount of negative publicity about her, she will hopefully have a hard time finishing her residency, and when she does, her name is now anathema to future patients, or at least should be.

Let’s delve a bit more into this cerebral nutcase known as Anjali Ramkissoon, shall we? Her father, Bridglal Ramkissoon, is a doctor in Sebring, Florida, and sources say he is just as cold and heartless as the horrible cunt of a daughter he raised. Online reviews of Daddy Bridglal Ramkissoon say he is "sarcastic, condescending, arrogant, flippant, and mocks your concerns rather than address them..." Wow! What a dickhead! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The equally-maligned mother, Patricia Ramkissoon, is one of the heads of nursing at Barry University in Miami, where her horrid daughter got her Bachelor’s Degree.. Anjali had to go to medical school in Grenada, where many medical students have to go from the U.S. when they don’t meet the academic critieria to study here. In other words, she isn’t bright enough for U.S. medical colleges. Her YouTube channel (now since deleted) was filled with white male-bashing and the hashtag #killallmen; she is obviously a militant feminist, racist and a man-hater. Her social networks like Facebook and Instagram were filled with selfies, selfies, selfies, many of them bikini-clad on the beach or in scrubs at the medical center. Any real health care professional will tell you how tacky and unprofessional it is to take “hospital selfies” on duty, especially when you are a friggen doctor! Lots of pics of Ramkissoon and her perfect body but hideous face, like this:

Also, like 100% of young women, she has to have a “tattoo pic:”

Well, at least the sonnet is spelled right!

Just what I want to see from my physician: a fully-visible arm tat with handwriting that will be smeared, faded and unintelligble within a year or so. Just great. Shows this little morally-bankrupt skank doesn’t think things through, as if we didn’t already know that. Here’s two other gems she had for all the world to see until all her profiles temporarily went private:

Hot body, ugly face, evil heart

It's all about her own mind.
Given the entire incident—as well as testimony from people who have had the displeasure of working with her, Anjali Ramkissoon is exactly what she seems to be: a self-centered, egotistical, pampered, selfish, entitled little whore. Aside from her big nose and weird smile, she is physically perfect…and she knows it, given the bikini pics she has posted, some of which look like they are thong bikinis, by the way, which is fairly common in Miami and only in Miami as far as the mainland United States goes. And they are super hot and all women with nice butts should wear thong bikinis. And a nice butt is apparently what she had, an abnormally big booty for a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound woman (as she stated in the video while mocking the Uber driver). The butt is so nice that I would love to stick my tongue so far up her delicious, curry-tasting ass that she wouldn’t need toilet paper. Just sayin’. Just throwing that out there.

Anyway, because of her looks, and because she has a vagina, Dr. Ramkissoon has been allowed to do anything she wants, say anything she wants, and act any way she wants to toward anybody she wants to. Imagine how she would treat patients! She’s obviously never been told “no” about anything, and as a result of all this coddling and ass-kissing (I mean, I’d love to kiss and lick her ass, but…), this 30-year-old woman act like a 3-year-old girl. In fact, it does not appear that she was all that drunk in the video as it is claimed she was; she was quite coherent, just hateful and profane and vulgar and out of lots of young American women are now. Given the fact that she was probably not that intoxicated, this means this is most certainly how she acts on a regular basis toward anybody she deems as below her in her little Hindu/India caste system. Her entire demeanor is exactly how Britt McHenry acted and her selfishness and lack of empathy and decency is exactly how Casey Dockett and Alicia Lynch carried themselves in the two links that I had at the beginning of this blog. Speaking of links, here’s one to a really good article about Ramkissoon that I agree with, 100%. Here it is:

I couldn’t say it any better! Little Spoiled Whore Anjali went on ABC’s Good Morning America, put on her really creepy, half-assed smile, and equally half-assed apologized for her sickening and violent tantrum. She claimed that she was upset because her boyfriend of two years allegedly broke up with her. Yay! Obviously, the douchebag (any guy who gets to bang her would be a douche) couldn’t handle any more of her mentally and psychologically aberrant behavior and got away from her, and just in time! You gotta be a pretty desperate mangina to want to be in a long-term relationship with that crazy bimbo! And Miami’s filled to the brim with them, trust me. As a native Floridian originally from South Florida, I can tell you there's not a decent woman there. In one "apology interview," the bitch also claimed that she was upset that her father was very ill and that he was a "truck driver." Wow, this shows right there what a lying sociopath she is!!

Doctor Anjali Ramkissoon is a spoiled, self-centered, slutty cunt with no idea how to treat people. Your stereotypical young single woman here in the United States and Canada. They are mostly like this to one degree or another, but this one is one of the worst. If she gets her medical license, I really, really hope that people stay far, far away from this bitch.